Minot State site for Women’s Public Leadership Symposium

MINOT, N.D. – Minot State University will be the site for the Women’s Public Leadership Symposium on Wednesday, Oct. 3.

Minot Women Connect and Minot Area Chamber EDC are pleased to bring the half-day event to Minot focused on public leadership development. The event presented by Hess will be held in collaboration with the Women’s Public Leadership Network (WPLN) out of Washington D.C. According to their website, "WPLN educates, organizes, and inspires women to seek public office and become effective leaders." The symposium will feature statewide and federal officials who are representing women in public leadership at different levels throughout the state of North Dakota.

Getting involved can be a balancing act between knowing your priorities and finding your service niche.

“With public service, sometimes getting involved is simply knowing where to get started,” shared Rianne Kuhn, chair of Minot Women Connect Committee. “We have built a robust agenda with our partners at the Minot Chamber EDC to create an event that features strong female voices who are creating huge impact on the state we live in.”

Developing skills, making connections, and finding your voice can be obstacles women interested in public leadership can overcome through professional development.

“At the Minot Chamber EDC, we strive to promote leadership and growth,” stated Brekka Kramer, president of the Chamber. “This signature event will be engaging, powerful, and promote involvement within our communities, and hopefully provide insight to the opportunities women have to create a large impact on many levels.”

At the leadership symposium, we will hear from high-ranking government officials, state-wide leadership, and strong female voices on how they navigated their careers to become leaders within their industries and in the state of North Dakota. We will learn how a day looks for those representatives as they navigate the expectations and demands of public service. The WPLN will lead a discussion on developing 'our why' and provide applications on how to use that information to get started at a leadership level. A presentation of resources on the next steps, and the networking opportunity to develop new relationships will cap the five-hour event.

All Minot Women Connect events are open to both women and men. Registration is now open on the Minot Chamber EDC website. The Women in Leadership event will run 12– 5 p.m. Lunch will be served during our keynote speaker starting at noon. Space will be limited.

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Published: 10/02/23   

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