Creativity fuels Audet's multimedia journey

MINOT, N.D. – Marie Audet, a native of Minot, embarked on a remarkable academic and professional journey at Minot State, guided by her passion for creativity and communication.

However, it was not just about earning a degree but about embracing her local community and following her passions.

Audet's decision to attend Minot State was influenced by her desire to stay close to her family. It was a choice that allowed her to embrace the local community and build meaningful connections.

"What I like most about Minot State is that it feels like a little community. I see someone I know everywhere I look, and the professors are so personal with the students, especially in the art and communication department," she said. 

Audet's academic exploration as a freshman led her to discover her creative side. She explored various subjects, taking general courses and classes that intrigued her. She took art classes and studied video production, ultimately realizing her passion lay in the art side of technology.

"I knew I always loved being creative, so I took art and video production classes. I learned that I was more interested in the art side of technology, such as video production, audio production, graphic design, photography," she said. "I explained this to my advisor, and he set me on the path of multimedia studies. I also started to enjoy the COMM classes, so I decided to double major."

The knowledge and skills acquired during her academic journey proved invaluable during her internship at the North Dakota State Fair. From drafting professional emails to mastering Adobe programs, her education became the foundation of her success in the professional world.

Audet’s internship was the highlight of her summer. She designed and created signs, social media posts, and advertising. This fusion of marketing and art contributed to the fair's success.

After months of planning, seeing the successful outcome and the joy of fairgoers left a lasting impression on her. It was a testament to the demanding work she did.

"The most memorable experience I had during my internship was during the fair when I was out of the office checking on the events.” Audet said. “I was in charge of what was going on the grounds during fair week. I had planned for months, so seeing it pan out and how happy the fairgoers were was an incredible feeling."

However, everything was not just sunshine and rainbows. Challenges are part of every job.

For Audet, it was the task to please everyone. Her approach involved compromise, patience, and seeking insights from experienced colleagues, allowing her to navigate these hurdles effectively.

"When making decisions, there is always going to be someone who wants something different, and I overcame this the best I could just by compromising and having patience. I would also ask what past interns had done so I could better understand how they dealt with those sorts of issues in the past," she said.

As her internship neared its end, Audet's main takeaway was the importance of seizing every opportunity to learn and grow, even when it felt overwhelming. Real-life work experience, she realized, was a valuable complement to classroom learning.

Audet envisions a long and successful career in her hometown as she keeps herself updated on the skills businesses seek for effective marketing to stay updated with the changes in the multimedia world.

"My future career aspirations in multimedia and professional communications would be something like a design lead, working with advertising material, digital media, graphic designing, and video editing for a local business in or around Minot," she said.

As she looks back on her fantastic and invaluable opportunity with her internship, Audet foresees a bright future driven by the ever-evolving role of technology in our lives.

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Published: 10/12/23   

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