Belfrage Honerman helping to revive theater at Minot State

MINOT, N.D. – Minot State University welcomes Sarah Belfrage Honerman to campus as the University’s new assistant professor of performing arts and theatre director.

“I am absolutely ecstatic to be here at Minot,” Belfrage Honerman said.

As Belfrage Honerman’s time at Minnesota State University, Mankato came to an end, she and her husband began looking for theater educator jobs after she completed her graduate degree.

“My husband, Seth, had ties here before I took the position as assistant professor of theater,” Belfrage Honerman said. “He spent the summer of 2022 directing ‘Moon Over Buffalo’ for Minot Summer Theatre.”

Although she was nervous about moving into a new community, Belfrage Honerman n felt very welcome coming into Minot.

“I think my favorite thing about Minot State so far is just how welcoming everyone is,” said Belfrage Honerman. “I have been out around town trying to make connections with other artists in the area, really learning about the community, and what the theater community has the capability to do for them. I have yet to meet someone who has a bad word to say or who has been unwilling to meet with me.”

Kate Allers, POWER Center director, and Minot State students brought back the Campus Players and were able to revive theater at Minot State. Now, Belfrage Honernman is in the midst of directing Minot State University’s first theater department production in several years.

“I am currently directing ‘The Shape of Things’ by Neil LaBute. I am so lucky that students and colleagues brought back Campus Players last year and put on a production. The drive is clear in the student body to bring back the theatrical art form,” said Belfrage Honerman. “In addition, I am working on an adaptation of ‘Twelfth Night,’ originally written by William Shakespeare. My hope is to spend some quality time with my two passions — theater and Shakespeare — and eventually bring them to the stage here in Minot.”

Theater offered Belfrage Honerman an opportunity to express herself, learn about others, and share stories. Belfrage Honerman wishes to do the same here at Minot State.

“Theater is where I found my home. It has offered me an outlet and opportunity to study the human condition,” said Belfrage Honerman. “My husband is a theater artist. My almost 8-year-old daughter is a theater artist. We can learn more from theater than many people realize.

“There are so many universal truths in theater. One of the most beautiful aspects of theater is that it speaks to people in different ways. What you take away from a production may be different than what I take away from it. Art is, after all, subjective.”

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Published: 10/19/23   

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