MSU’s office of international programs welcomes new leadership team

MINOT, N.D. – Minot State University's commitment to fostering a globally inclusive academic environment is reaching new heights with its revitalized office of international programs staff.

With Maleeha Latif ’18 as the director of international programs, Erin Anderson as the international student/SEVIS coordinator, and Araceli Erickson '17 as the international activity coordinator, the University is poised to further enhance its international presence and provide exceptional support to its diverse student body.

One thing the three have in common is the community sense they feel is provided by the small class sizes on campus. It lets them know each student personally rather than just seeing them as numbers.

Born in Las Vegas, Nevada, but having spent much of her life abroad in Saudi Arabia and Pakistan, Latif's unique perspective brings a wealth of experience to her role. Her journey at the University began as a graduate student, drawn to the institution for its affordability. However, it is the campus beauty that is keeping her around. 

"I love the architecture of the campus — it is a pleasure to see," she said.

Originally from Minnesota and wanting to learn and experience diverse cultures, Anderson ended up at Minot State with a crucial role in supporting the needs of international students at the University.

"We work hard to stay up to date with all F1 regulations,” she said. “Our door is always open, and students are welcome to come in with any questions. We are here to help."  

Anderson's expertise in immigration compliance and student services ensures that international students receive comprehensive support throughout their academic journey.

Erickson ’17, native of Paraguay and newly appointed in her role, brings her unique perspective as a former international student to the University's global community. Erickson's role focuses on organizing activities and events that promote cultural exchange and integration.

"Most international students do not know much about the town and the community when they arrive here,” she said. “My role is to introduce them to the community and facilitate their integration." 

Her dedication to creating a welcoming environment and helping students acclimate highlights her commitment to enhancing the overall experience of international students.

The office of international programs emphasizes supporting international students' academic and social integration. One of their key initiatives is the first-year experience class American Culture and College Life. This class not only familiarizes students with the American culture and college life in general, but also highlights the various resources available on campus.

Minot State actively recruits international students, allowing them to experience high-quality education at an affordable cost. International students pay the same tuition as in-state students, which is already one of the lowest in the country. 

"The University's commitment to accessibility and affordability attracts students from around the world," said Latif. 

MSU organizes events such as a cultural celebration to encourage cultural exchange and interaction between international and domestic students. This event, usually held in November, allows international students to display their cultures and countries through stands and presentations on campus. While the COVID-19 pandemic temporarily disrupted these events, Latif's office eagerly prepares to reinstate them fully in the coming year.

Under the leadership of Latif, the office of international programs is also committed to empowering students through transformative study abroad experiences with partnerships with prestigious universities such as Florence School of Fine Arts in Italy, Kristianstad University in Sweden, and the University of Southeastern Norway and collaborations with renowned organizations like International Studies Abroad (ISA), The Education Abroad Network (TEAN), and Semester At Sea (SAS) to provide students with diverse study abroad opportunities in Europe, Latin America, Asia, Australia, New Zealand, and beyond.

With a dynamic and new team at the helm, Minot State University's office of international programs is ready to break borders and increase opportunities for its student body.

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Published: 08/11/23   

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