Huber brings Margaritaville to Minot

MINOT, N.D. – When Shad Huber graduated from Minot High School in 2021, Minot State seemed like a perfect fit. It offered affordability and he could remain connected with his family in the town.

The Minot native discovered his love for theater in his freshman year when he played the role of a Russian spy in “See How They Run” at Mouse River Players Community Theatre.

“I started out at the community theater downtown. Then last summer, I joined the Minot State Summer Theatre because they have bigger productions and a bigger stage,” he said. “It is pretty cool, and I have been doing it ever since.”

Since his first involvement, he has been played a part in many theater productions ranging from a quirky ensemble role in “Something Rotten!,” a musical comedy against the backdrop of the English renaissance to most recently, the lead in “Escape to Margaritaville” put on by the Minot State University Summer Theatre.

With each role, his talent and passion for theatre has amplified.

“My favorite thing about acting is that there is a responsibility and a certain level of expectation that is put on you when you are cast in a role from both the director and your fellow actors,” said Huber. “It is enjoyable to form that chemistry between all the characters on stage. And it’s really interesting how different those interactions are between the actors and the actual characters themselves.”

Huber’s latest challenge was Minot State Summer Theatre’s production of “Escape to Margaritaville.”  At the newly renovated theater in June, he took on the role of Tully Mars, his favorite among all the characters he has played yet.

“On the surface, it is simple character — a playboy. But when you get deeper into the character, you see there is a reason he behaves that way,” explained Huber. “He seems very afraid to be independent, and it is after his romance with Rachel, he finally decides to focus on his work and that is where he finds success.”

“It was cool getting to be onstage after the renovations,” Huber added. “Everything seems to be state-of-the-art.”

Although he has been in one Minot State Summer Theatre production this season already, the versatile actor is excited to come back to the Josh Duhamel stage in “Elf The Musical” as Mr. Greenway towards the end of July.

Despite the rigorous scheduling of rehearsals, Huber has managed to seamlessly juggle his commitments to his artistic calling, academic demands as a college student and responsibilities at work.

“It can get really busy when I have a play, but I never see anything to do with theater as a task,” he said, shrugging. “People often ask me where my free time is but that is how I look at rehearsals and all the work that goes into a production.”

While Huber explores theater as a hobby, certain elements within it make him want to keep going.

“There is an art to figuring out a character,” Huber describes. “I enjoy getting to understand their motivations and who they are as a person and bringing that to life.”

When Huber isn’t wowing audience, he channels his creativity through playing the guitar. He enjoys working and prioritizes regular gym sessions.

The actor also helped revive Minot State’s oldest student organization, Campus Players, after the coronavirus. Being the vice-president of the club, Huber, along with fellow students, brought “Suite Surrender” to life on stage in Spring 2023.

With his dedication for theater, Huber offers insight for the curious.

“If you have an interest in acting or theatre, I say ‘go for it’, try it out and you might find that you actually love it,” he said. “Everyone I have ever met in theater, they are all so passionate about it.”

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Published: 07/07/23   

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