Holmes realizes dream at Minot State

MINOT, N.D. – Originally from Spartanburg, South Carolina, Cassidy Holmes '23 knew that she wanted to go somewhere she had never been before, to pursue her dream in art education.

Fortunately, she found Minot State a perfect fit for her endeavors.

After completing a two-year college program in South Carolina, Holmes felt a calling outside her state, one that wanted her to explore a different region of America.

She sought a place that had a major that would help her utilize both her interests thus giving her the opportunity to teach what she loves.

“I’ve always been an artist and I’ve always been a teacher of sorts. It only made sense to use both of them in my career,” she said.

Holmes made sure she got involved in other areas of college extracurriculars during her stay here.

“I was one of the officers for the Students of North Dakota United organization on campus. They look for aspiring educators to be involved and I just happened to be one,” she said. “This led to opportunities to attend teacher conferences and events outside of the university that helped me make connections that have been vital to my professional growth.”

Amongst her various achievements in Minot State, Holmes is especially proud the completion of her capstone art exhibition showcase that was held in May 2023.

“I got to showcase my artistic skills that I developed during my time in undergrad. It is my greatest professional accomplishment,” said Holmes.

She intends to dive headfirst into the teaching profession, after she rounds up with her first degree in the fall, specifically overseas, with the DODEA (Department of Defense Education Activity).

“I am glad to have the bulk of my schooling completed, but I see myself returning to school in the future,” she said. “I’m hoping to work as a teacher for a long while but am looking to potentially go forward with a masters in school counseling to feed my desire and focus my attention on child psychology."

During her stay at Minot State, Holmes got the chance to figure out her strengths and her weaknesses as a teacher and as a student. She took time and put in effort to work on those weaknesses, emphasize the strengths and be the best individual she could be.

In the process, she learned the importance of believing in oneself.

“I learned that I am not disposable. I am a valuable asset everywhere I go for work, and I’ve learned to treat myself as such, understanding my own value,” said Holmes.

She attributes her inspiration to keep moving forward to her parents as they have always gone forward with their passions, despite opposition.

“They have pushed me to do what I love, even if it means travelling across the country alone. They have continually pushed me to follow what I think I’m supposed to do with my life, not what others tell me I’m supposed to do,” said Holmes.

Holmes feels Minot State has prepared her adequately for her future goals with the numerous skills she has gained through various experiences.

“I think just being in school has built up my ability to handle responsibility and to manage time,” she said. “Balancing classes, a job, and clinical hours on top of planning for an art exhibition has provided me with necessary skills like time management that are important in any career.”

With her professional career, she hopes to help set the standard for art educators, especially promoting the culture of encouraging students and instilling confidence in them.

“Far too often students grow up to believe they are terrible artists because they couldn’t draw a chair perfectly or couldn’t paint a bowl of fruit. Little do they know; they just haven’t found something that works for them yet,” she said.

Though Holmes has gained excellence in her experience and has worked hard to retain and exceed it, that same experience has taught her to have fun while she can because going to college can be a beautiful experience, if you’re in the right place and if you have the right people.

“Goof off, make friends, and have fun while you’re early in your program. It gets harder once you’re a senior, not easier,” said Holmes.

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Published: 07/06/23   

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