Minot State students find success after graduation

MINOT, N.D. – After Minot State undergraduates walk across the University’s Commencement stage, the next step in life begins.

For 96% of MSU’s recent graduates, that means employment or continuing their education.

“It is rewarding to know that almost all Minot State graduates successfully transition into careers or graduate studies so quickly,” said Laurie Geller, vice president for academic affairs. “I am proud of our students and of those at Minot State who support them in their goals. These new alumni are on their way to making meaningful contributions to their communities.”

According to the National Center for Education Statistics, the national employment rate for individuals with a bachelor’s or higher degree was 86% in 2021. Included in that percentage is those with master’s, professional, or doctoral degrees.

“Graduates of Minot State’s master’s and education specialist degrees report they are employed in positions related to their discipline prior to or within a few months following graduation,” said Linda Cresap, Graduate School director. “Students employed in their discipline when entering a graduate program often advance to higher levels in their career field upon earning their graduate degree.”

The Minot State University Graduation Survey collects employment, continuing education, and demographic information for MSU graduates, providing a snapshot across semesters.

In addition to increased employment opportunities, individuals graduating with a bachelor’s degree also earn higher annual earnings.

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics finds median usual annual earnings for bachelor’s degree recipients at $69,368, significantly higher than those with a high school diploma or associates degree, $50,076 and $42,068 respectively.

“At Minot State, it is part of our vision to empower graduates with a distinctive combination of professional expertise and broad-based education to support varied careers and productive lives,” said Cole Krueger, marketing director. “This data reflects how Minot State continues to be a great choice for prospective students.”

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Published: 06/07/23   

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