Naze added as newest member of the MSU Development Foundation

MINOT, N.D. – The Minot State University Development Foundation announced Wednesday 2015 graduate Abbie Naze has joined the Foundation as a development officer/data analyst.

Naze, originally from Minot, previously worked for the Seattle Symphony as a sales representative marketing and selling concert subscriptions. She was also director of music and liturgy at Our Lady of the Lake Catholic Church in Seattle, as well as the orchestra director and adjunct faculty at Pierce College in Puyallup, Washington.

She began with the Development Foundation on July 25.

“Being an alum and growing up in the Minot community makes jumping into this position with the Development team so much more meaningful,” Naze said. “I'm really looking forward to connecting with the friends and supporters of the MSU community not just in town, but across the entire country, even abroad. The MSU roots stretch far and wide.

“We have a great team who really cares to continue maintaining and cultivating that support in order to keep providing this community with diverse and impactful experiences, both in and outside the classrooms.”

MSU Development Foundation Executive Director Rick Hedberg is excited to have Naze’s experience in the arts as a part of the Foundation’s team.

“We are very excited to have Abbie joining us,” he said. “She has deep ties to Minot and a real passion for Minot State.  Her involvement in the arts community and with the Norsk Hostfest is a real plus.  She is extremely personable, and we feel very fortunate to have her joining the team.”

Naze believes her experience working in the music community will help the MSU Development Foundation reach new audiences.

“I am proud to come from a town and school which, from the very beginning, laid a very fruitful foundation for my schooling and career in the arts. The arts have a special way of connecting people through emotion, life-experiences, and a greater purpose, and in a very deep way,” she said. “I am so eager to find more ways to continue engaging our alum and friends in supporting these crucial opportunities within music and the arts. I think, especially during the pandemic, the arts not only took a hard hit, but they also proved to be a much-needed balm for all.”

Naze holds two degrees, earning a master of music from the University of Washington along with her bachelor of arts in music from Minot State.

Hedberg also announced changes within the Development Foundation to go along with Naze’s addition. Kate Marshall, who has been with the Development Foundation since 2004, was named director of foundation operations. Steve Lipp, a development officer since 2020, has been named director of development, while Jeremy Feller, a development officer since 2017, has added Beaver Boosters — the University’s athletic scholarship organization — and annual giving to his development officer duties. Janna McKechnie, the University’s alumni director for the past 11 years, is now the director of alumni engagement.

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Published: 08/11/22   

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