SENIOR SPOTLIGHT: Philip makes a story out of it

MINOT, N.D. – Earning a degree in professional communication was a natural choice for Philip Green.

“When I was a little kid, I snuck up into the play-by-play booth at one of my brother’s football games,” he said. “I was fake announcing, not realizing that the microphones actually worked.”

While his sportscasting debut at a football field in Parker, Colorado may have been unintentional, being front and center of a crowd has never bothered Green.

“I’ve always looked at sports from this point of view, from the communication side,” he said. “But I came in to Minot State thinking I was just going to be in front of the camera — a sports anchor or something similar — but now I like all the areas. I like writing about sports and news. I enjoy the video editing side. We did a baseball documentary this semester and it was really cool to sit in with the team, just listen, and make a story out of it.”

In addition to his Bachelor of Arts in Professional Communication, Green has also earned a specialization in production and concentrations in sportscasting, honors, and media services, enabling him to put his skills to work in a multitude of ways.

“A unique thing about this major is that you learn about so many different areas. I’m open to everything,” he said. “I’ve written for the Red and Green, the student newspaper, since January of my freshman year and have been the sports editor, I now write for The Dakotan, and I also got to do podcasts, which is a lot of fun, and I never turn down being in front of a camera.”

Green’s podcast, “Mental Game,” earned him a national distinction in Fall 2021 when he was one of 22 college football players selected to the AFAC Allstate Good Works Team in recognition of his effort and service to the community. 

“There’s a million sports podcasts, and mental health awareness for student-athletes has always been a passion of mine,” the defensive back said. “If I was going to do a podcast, I wanted it to be something people were interested in. I wanted to take that angle where not only was it something I was passionate about, but that it could really have an impact on the whole athletic community.

“I’ve learned a lot about healthy — and non-healthy — coping mechanisms and being able to recognize what is healthy and what isn’t. I’ve learned about different athletes’ points of view. Learning about the different experiences these athletes have gone through, and the different resources we can bring in, or the ones we already have but didn’t know about, and promoting them here on campus.”

As a member of SAAC, the Student-Athlete Advisory Committee, Green has been able to create action around items talked about on the “Mental Game.” He has also been heavily involved in Make-A-Wish campaigns ran by the football team, brought a United Way chapter to the University with the honors program, served as a right-hand man for the North Dakota Miss Amazing pageant for girls with disabilities, and has assisted with the Dreamcatchers organization.

“I like everything that I’ve been doing because I’m passionate about all the areas I’m involved in,” Green said.

With two more years of eligibility left in one area of passion — football — Green will return to Minot State in the fall in pursuit of two master’s degrees.

“I’m going to get my master’s in business and sports management,” he said. “I’ve heard really good things about the sports management one and then, I mean, the business one can be used in any area. So I figure, why not try for both. It’s important to be versatile in many areas.

“Getting to do all the hands-on things from a school perspective, I know a lot of bigger schools don’t allow you to do all these things until you’re in your junior or senior year. I’ve been able to do all that stuff from the beginning and now I get to continue that.”

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Published: 05/10/22   

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