SENIOR SPOTLIGHT: On to the next chapter

MINOT, N.D. - For Favour Ozordi, the last four years have only set the stage for success.

“When I first came to MSU, I had a huge interest in energy,” said Ozordi, who lived in Imo, Nigeria, before beginning her undergraduate degree in Minot. “My goal was to work for an energy company upon graduation. Over time, with mentorship from professors at the College of Business and Division of Social Science those goals changed. I became much more interested in the finance and economics aspect of my major. This is when I decided to pick up a minor in statistics. Now, my goal is to get a master’s in economics, and if that goes well, I may go for a Ph.D. I have been looking deeply into careers that incorporate finance, economics, and statistics.”

Ozordi will be pursuing a master’s indeed. With offers from the University of Saskatchewan and the University of Waterloo, she credits the Minot State community for preparing her for this next chapter of her studies.

“The professors at MSU are great and very passionate about what they do, the classes are well-organized, and the staff are very helpful,” Ozordi said. “Above all, the overall climate at MSU really made me grow as a person. The supportive and welcoming environment gave me a safe space to push myself and do things I have never done before. I feel very prepared for the real world and to pursue my career.”

One professor in particular, however, has stood out to Ozordi as she recalls the process of preparing for and applying to graduate programs.

“Dr. Ngugi (Daniel Ngugi, professor of economics) was very helpful throughout my time at MSU,” she said. “He took time to set up weekly meetings with me to work on research, choosing schools, writing my statement of purpose, and tailoring my application. The entire process took a whole year of planning, and he gladly made time out of his busy schedule as a professor and program coordinator. He also mentored me and encouraged me to not sell myself short. His mentorship exposed me to careers I had never thought about.”

When asked what she would miss the most about Minot State, Ozordi answered firmly that it would be the clubs.

“MSU Life, DECA, and CRU are three clubs that I was involved in at different points in time,” she said. “I was able to make wonderful connections with students from diverse backgrounds. I will miss the amazing experiences I had and the people I connected with.”

Looking ahead, however, Ozordi expressed eagerness for all that is to come with graduate school.

“I am very excited for the next chapter in my life.”

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Published: 05/17/22   

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