SENIOR SPOTLIGHT: Graves’s success measured in more than degrees

MINOT, N.D. – Originally beginning her undergrad at Minot State in the fall of 2012, Abigail Graves completed her bachelor's degree in elementary education in 2017. After taking a few years off from school, she came back to complete her master’s in education with a concentration in curriculum and instruction.

“The first time I came to Minot State, it was for the communication disorders program and MSU was affordable. It also didn’t hurt that Minot was six hours from home as well. Close enough to drive but far enough to not go home, to Benson, Minnesota, every weekend,”

Graves’s success and enjoyment is not only measured in degrees, but through her experiences and opportunities that she was given.

“When I came back to Minot, it was because of the job opportunity in residence life. I didn’t initially start going to grad school but found out how supportive Minot State is of employees continuing their education and decided to go for it,” Graves said. “The relationships that I have formed with the faculty, staff, and students have been the best part of my experience at MSU. I had great mentors in both undergraduate and graduate school. I have also gotten to go to Minneapolis, Fargo, Albuquerque, Washington D.C., and Colombia, Missouri for conferences during my time at Minot State. I love traveling and taking in new places and trying new things.”

Aside from working in residence life and going to grad school, Graves was a part of Staff Senate, an advisor to the Residence Hall Association, and earned the Citation of Excellence Award for graduate students.

For all of those accomplishments, she has to thank her co-workers and professors for being her support system.

“I have had so many great opportunities with the support of my co-workers and professors during my time in graduate school. My co-workers put up with my stressful phases and were flexible with me,” she said. “My professors pushed me to do things I never imagined doing.

“Dr. Conn (Daniel Conn, Master of Education program director) encouraged me to present at a national conference for the American Association for Teaching and Curriculum. It was such an honor to attend presentations and meet authors and researchers whose work I have read and studied during my time at MSU.”

As far as post-graduation goes, Graves will continue her work with the Minot State Residence Life and Housing department as the residence life coordinator.

“I’m lucky because I will still be working at Minot State for a while so I won’t miss out on anything! I will have a bit more free time to enjoy all that is happening here and I cannot wait,” she said.

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Published: 05/06/22   

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