SENIOR SPOTLIGHT: Delsman’s evolution readies her for next step

MINOT, N.D. – Calli Delsman is ready to leave Minot State.

That isn’t a negative statement.

Through a steady, consistent evolution from her freshman year to graduation, Delsman believes MSU prepared her to take her next step.

“Going back to my freshman year and how much different of a person I am now and thinking about all the people who have shaped who I’ve become, I know I’m ready to go,” she said. “That’s what you want from a university. I’m ready to graduate. In the end, if we’ve done our job to prepare (students), we should want them to go, we are working on getting them to this moment.

“I’m ready to leave — in a good way.”

Her sense of accomplishment in earning her degree is heightened by multiple factors. She began her academic career as an athletic training major, but quickly decided it wasn’t the path for her. Her change to professional broadcasting and an eventual addition of a marketing minor was stressful, but she received nothing but support from her family and the University.

“My parents were so supportive, they taught me its fine to change, but if you are going to do something, then do it,” Delsman said. “When I realized athletic training wasn’t for me, I visited with Lynda Bertsch (MSU’s career services director) to decide what it was that I wanted and we didn’t talk about careers or degrees, but what were my interests. I never thought it would be writing, it was just something I did in my free time. But that was exactly what she wanted to know. It helped a lot.”

Delsman’s maturation process happened on the basketball court as well as in the classroom. The senior from Waukesha, Wisconsin joined the Beavers women’s basketball team in in 2017 and quickly learned on the fly as one of just two freshmen on the team.

“I was basically the only freshman, and we had so many upperclassmen that I had to learn quickly. I had to mature right away,” she said.

While basketball ultimately brought her to MSU and consumed nearly every waking hour early on, her time as a student-athlete has changed her perspective.

“It’s crazy to think how much basketball was my whole life coming in,” Delsman said. “I had to learn to be grateful to just be a college basketball player. My goals have certainly changed.”

That new perspective was first tested and then shaped by events beyond her control. She played for three head coaches during her time as a Beaver as well as during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Going back to the COVID year, at times it doesn’t seem real — I don’t know, just fake. The timeline happened so fast that it was difficult to process,” she said. “I was supposed to be graduating (in 2021), we were getting a new coach, it was a very stressful time in my life.

“I really didn’t know if I should come back. I probably knew I was coming back, but would I come back and play. There were a lot of times I was thinking, why did I do this. But I did know if I don’t finish, I will regret it. I’m very happy I came back.”

The extra season of eligibility helped Delsman expand her experiences as a writer as well. She had worked as a social media manager for the campus newspaper the Red & Green, but decided apply with University Communications.

She saw her writing career blossom in telling stories.

“I had no idea it was a position, but I knew I wanted to do something different than what I was doing at the Red & Green and I knew it would help me gain experience writing,” she said. “It made me realize what I want to do. What we do here is help grow a culture. It’s truthful, not just advertising or marketing, we are telling real stories and people love to read that. It changed my perspective of what I want to do, not just for a university or a company, whatever the position is, I want to help change the culture.”

Delsman will begin that process this summer earning a position with Prairie Capital Advisors as a marketing coordinator. She hopes to continue to build on her experiences at MSU to make Prairie Capital Advisors a better place.

“Minot State is such a close-knit community with everyone supporting everyone and I hope to continue that where I go,” she said. “I made friendships here that I will have forever. I don’t know if I would want to go through all of this again, but all of the people I’ve met and these experiences have made me who I am today.”

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Published: 05/13/22   

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