Young plays key role in two departments

MINOT, N.D. – After following two of her favorite interests throughout her life, Lauren Young has accepted two positions at Minot State.

Young will serve as both the administrative assistant for the performing arts and social sciences departments.

Growing up in Memphis, Tennessee, Young states performing arts became a part of her life early on.

“I started playing piano at a really young age and I just continued on. Then, when I got to middle school, I played flute like everyone else in my family had done,” she said.

While studying at the University of Mississippi, Young had started off in sociology and social work but then switched to history education.

“I love history and sociology and a lot of the other social sciences, like discovering why the brain works the way it does,” Young said. “But I also felt this innate urge to help other people in any that I could.”

She will start her mornings on the administrative side of the social science department and then work afternoons in the performing arts. Young enjoys helping people and making both departments’ lives easier. And, she enjoys finding small glitches in the administrative process and seeing how those can be resolved.

One glitch that she has already found and is working to resolve is getting work done more electronically than by paper; she hopes that she can accomplish this in both departments at some point soon.

“Helping in any way that I can is extremely satisfying, whether it be something simple or something large, literally anything I can do to help other people out brings me a lot of joy in life,” she said.

Even though she has only just begun, Young shared what she has already learned about the students and the school overall.

“From the performing arts side, they kind of vary strength-wise especially depending on what instrument they play, or what level they are involved in for performing arts,” said Young. “Each student is different and all of them are really hard workers and are pretty eager to figure out the best way to do things for themselves. I would like to learn what lengths Minot State goes to ensure success for all their students. I’ve witnessed greatly in the years before I worked here, that it seems like every department kind of comes together to help students make their end goal.”

Young states that she would also like to learn how to help students be successful while they are in school.

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Published: 10/12/21   

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