Campus Community Dialogues return

MINOT, N.D. – Save the Date for Wednesday, Nov. 3 at 7 p.m.; don't cancel it. The Minot State Campus Community Dialogues will open its fourth season with “Cancel Culture: J.K. Rowling, Jon Gruden, Sleeping Beauty…Who's Next?” in the Northwest Arts Center at 7 p.m

The Campus and Community Dialogues series takes as its premise the societal need to civilly discuss topics about which provoke passionate opinions. Beginning in 2018, other topics the series has covered include legalizing marijuana, gun control, and surveillance.

Each installment of the series features a moderator and two or more faculty or community members who organize some basic and differing ideas about the topic. Community member Jonah Lantto, owner of the Good Talk Network, and associate professor of sociology Jynette Larshus are this session’s panelists.

Lantto performs in much of the content he produces with Good Talk, including “Midwest Murders” and “the Good Talk” podcasts.

“I generally approach topics from an objective perspective,” said Lantto. “Being recorded on camera and podcasts as often as I am, putting my voice, thoughts, opinions out to the world can be a risk. I've probably never been more mindful of the words I type or say than I am now. That's not necessarily good or bad, it just how it is.”

Larshus, on the other hand, performs in a more intimate setting — the classroom — but still ponders the impact cancel culture has on the subjects she teaches.

“I will be bringing a sociological view to contextualizing and discussing the impact of cancel culture today as well as its history,” she said. “As a cultural sociologist that emphasizes cultural transformation, cancel culture is an important topic to understand not only its influence today, but in the past also.”

Guests both in person and watching the LIVESTREAM will be encouraged to ask questions and voice their thoughts on cancel culture. Refreshments will be served, and masks are encouraged but not mandated. For more information, contact ROBERT KIBLER or call 701-720-2716. 

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Published: 10/28/21   

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