Graduate Pignet assists in return of NOTSTOCK

Artwork by Cera Pignet

MINOT, N.D. – After a one-year hiatus due to COVID-19, NOTSTOCK is back at Minot State University. It will run from Thursday, Sept. 23 through Saturday, Sept. 25 and will take place in different locations around campus and the city of Minot.

Cera Pignet, a 2018 Minot State graduate, has helped in previous years as a student and is now taking on a new role as the artist in residence for the art department.

“I am in charge of the DIY screen printing booth in the Beaver Dam. We will have a series of screens set up and students can come and buy a shirt from the art club, or they can bring their own canvas bag or t-shirt, and can use any one of the designs that we have set up to screen print themselves,” she said. “I’ll be making sure that runs smoothly and burning the screens and doing anything else that needs to be taken care of.”

Printmaking is one of Pignet’s favorite forms of art making, and she also enjoys digital art by designing labels and posters.

“The visiting artists will print an edition of posters for the school and then in addition to that, help promote the music event that happens on Friday,” she said. “They wanted a gig poster and they hired me to make that so those will be available at that show at Atypical (Atypical Brewery & Barrelworks).”

Artwork by Cera Pignet

Artwork by Cera Pignet

Having experience of how NOTSTOCK works, Pignet is excited to be back to help with the event for students to gain more knowledge, but especially for herself as a professional artist.

“I would say my favorite part is the attitude and the spirit of NOTSTOCK, because everybody is helping everybody. It takes a herd to make this happen. To be able to organize this well enough, who's going to clean the screens, who’s going to burn them, who can run back to the studio to grab this ink for us?” Pignet said. “Just the spirit of the celebration of art. For me, personally, the connections are one of my favorite parts. As a printmaker and illustrator, every year with NOTSTOCK I get to meet a new artist who’s working with major bands or organizations to get their work out there. Those have been some of the coolest connections made.”

This year, there are a few differences compared to years past. One being that the concert for the event will take place off campus.

“The concert is going to be at Atypical Brewery. The artists that are playing during that show are excellent and I’m pretty excited about that. Also, this is only our second time that we will have a letterpress artist, which is cool,” Pignet said.

For a full list of events and locations, visit All of the events take place on campus, except the Friday concert, and are free to the public.

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Published: 09/21/21   

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