Minot Area Council for International Visitors to host Dal Bello in live Zoom webinar

MINOT, N.D. – The Minot Area Council for International Visitors (MACIV), headquartered at Minot State University, will host a live Zoom webinar Diplomacy in the National Parks: A Conversation with Christine Dal Bello on Oct. 19 at 4 p.m. (Central).

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“While most people are familiar with the famous parks such as Yellowstone and Yosemite, two among the 62 National Parks, the vast majority are not aware that the National Park Service (NPS) is composed of 419 sites throughout the United States, as well as five of its territories,” said Dal Bello. “Often billed as ‘America’s Best Idea,’ our national parks also tell America’s story. In doing so, several sites have helped to enable diplomatic successes or had otherwise direct connections to diplomacy. The NPS has also served as an inspiration to other countries and their park systems.”

Dal Bello joined the U.S. Department of State in 2001 and has spent the last year on a sabbatical fellowship, thanks to the generosity of the Una Chapman Cox Foundation and the department. Her journey to 29 states and two U.S. territories allowed her to visit more than 85 units of the National Park Service to promote the importance of historical, cultural, and natural preservation. As part of her fellowship, she became a certified California Naturalist and a certified interpretive guide. She and her two children who accompanied her on the journey host a podcast, “Expedition National Parks,” to encourage listeners to engage with these less known and appreciated sites and histories.

“In this presentation, Christine will highlight several NPS sites with connections to diplomacy. She will provide information on ways to more effectively engage with NPS parks and other resources, especially during this period of physical distancing,” said Joseph Jastrzembski, Minot State professor of history. “She also hopes to encourage audience members to plan virtual and in-person visits to our parks, natural, and cultural treasures entrusted to the protection of the NPS.”

Dal Bello has had the privilege to serve her country as a foreign service officer in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates; Mumbai, India; Vienna, Austria; Kabul, Afghanistan; and Jakarta, Indonesia, as well as in Washington, D.C., as a foreign policy advisor in the U.S. Senate. Her most recent overseas assignment was public affairs officer in Dubai, United Arab Emirates from 2016-19 where managing the International Visitor Leadership Program for her post was one of the highlights of her job. She graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in international studies and history from Yale University.  She speaks French, German, Italian, and Spanish and has studied Arabic and Indonesian through the Foreign Service Institute.

Since 1992, the MACIV has welcomed visitors from all over the world who are interested in many aspects of rural life. Comprised of members from Minot State and the wider Minot community, MACIV has received extensive accolades from visitors for its hospitality, generosity, and efficiency. The MACIV is made up of members with a broad range of local, state, national, and international experience in the professional world, government, education, and the arts.

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Published: 10/12/20   

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