A name change for the Minot State University Division of Music

MINOT, N.D. – The Minot State University Division of Music has changed its name to the Division of Performing Arts.

“With the addition of theatre into our program, the name change makes sense,” Erik Anderson, Division of Performing Arts chair and professor of music, said. “It also reflects our current mission to incorporate a broader understanding of what it means to create and perform into our curriculum.”

The Division of Performing Arts houses the music and theatre degree programs including a Bachelor of Arts in Music, Bachelor of Science in Music Education, non-teaching music minor, theatre arts minor, and concentrations in music, dance and creative movements, and theatre.

The division’s mission is to provide courses of study and performance opportunities that foster aesthetic, technical, and intellectual development as students prepare for their future career. Whether students envision themselves teaching at the front of the classroom or performing onstage, the Division of Performing Arts is committed to helping them achieve their dreams.

“This is a great time to join the program at Minot State,” Anderson said. “Access to current technology, including a podcasting studio, music creation software and hardware, training in lights and sound, streaming from Ann Nicole Nelson Hall and Aleshire Theater, and the exciting addition of studio guitar in the fall of 2020 are just some of the opportunities recently added to our program.

“I am also excited about the possibilities for interdisciplinary learning between music and theater.”

Minot State music students have opportunities to perform alongside international, national, and local professionals throughout the year with The Western Plains Opera Company, Minot Symphony Orchestra, Dakota Chamber Music, and guest artists. The theatre program aims to produce well-rounded graduates able to work in any aspect of the theater world and believes the skills learned are invaluable to everyone, no matter where a career path leads a person. Venues on campus include the Harold G. Aleshire Theater, Black Box Theater, and Summer Theatre.

For more information about the Minot State University Division of Performing Arts, visit MinotStateU.edu/music.

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Published: 10/14/20   

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