Minot State provides virtual lessons for elementary students

MINOT, N.D. – When Minot State transitioned to remote learning midway through the Spring 2020 semester, education students had to change the way they delivered their lessons.

Now those lessons are available online at MinotStateU.edu/teu/virtual-lessons.shtml.

“The lessons were designed by our teacher candidates who are nearing the end of their program to become elementary teachers,” Kathy Hintz, Minot State teacher education and kinesiology professor, said. “Teacher candidates start in the University classroom and then, later in the semester, typically go out into area schools to teach. Unfortunately, none of the students in our spring methods classes were able to do that so we are sharing the lessons that they designed.”

The lessons, which were created for students in grades K-6, include science, social studies, reading, writing, math, art, and health.

“Many lessons are designed to have kids watch a presentation or video to learn some new ideas and get instruction and then complete an activity,” Hintz said.

The lessons are available until mid-August and are free for anyone to use.

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Published: 06/17/20   

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