Senior Spotlight: Devan Shumway

By Michael Linnell
University Communications Director

MINOT, N.D. – Like many of his predecessors in the broadcasting department, Devan Shumway is already working in his chosen field.

Shumway, a broadcasting and professional communication major from Williston, works as a commercial production assistant at KMOT, the NBC affiliate in Minot.

While he feels that position is a steppingstone for his career, he is grateful for the skills he learned while at the University and for partnerships between Minot State and local media.

“I’ve held this position since August. I love the work that I do and I’m thankful that the MSU broadcasting department has prepared me for the next chapter of my career,” he said. “I have been applying to a few positions but due to COVID-19, not many positions are available. I am thankful, however, that I was able to keep working throughout the outbreak.”

His promising career in broadcasting was almost for not as he struggled early on in his academic career. After changing his major a couple times, he found the right fit.

“The biggest piece to my success at MSU were my advisors and professors,” Shumway said. “I changed my major twice which took a big toll on me. I struggled my first few semesters because I knew I was pursuing a major that didn’t suit me quite right. I had three different advisors within a year, and they were always understanding when I had questions or difficulties. When I did switch majors, they helped guide and lead me in the right direction.            

“All of the professors that I had are passionate about their fields and I learned so much from them. Once I found the broadcasting department I was immediately hooked. I took pride in my major and having that feeling of looking forward to classes and expanding my knowledge in my field is something that I will be forever grateful for.”

While he took some time to find his passion at the University, the amount of resources available in previous disciplines and the one he finished with impressed Shumway.

“When I first visited, I toured Swain Hall and I was in awe at all the equipment we had access to as an athletic training student,” he said of his first major. “When I eventually switched majors to broadcasting, it was no different. With the most recent production equipment, my knowledge in the field was accelerated quickly.”

Along with the rigors of his academic career, he also competed for the Minot State cross country and track & field teams. While earning his degree and participating in two different sports was difficult at times, he was able to balance all challenges.


“I think I was already accustomed to the discipline that is needed being a student-athlete in high school,” Shumway said. “The beginning of every semester can be a stressful time, but once you know your professor’s expectation and how your classes flow, it is really easy to get into a routine week-to-week. After I found my groove with balancing classes and practice, the semesters went by smoothly.”

Along with new, lifelong friendships forged on the two teams, Shumway also had a special moment both for him and his father during his time as a NCAA Division II student-athlete.

“As an athlete, my proudest moment was when I broke the DII-era school record in the 8K in cross country. My athletic career at MSU was filled with ups and downs and to finally have a successful and healthy season during my senior year was special,” he said. “That race was hosted by the University of Jamestown, where my dad went to college. My dad, along with his former teammates, were being inducted into the Hall of Fame for their record-breaking season in 1994-1996. So not only was my dad at the race and watched me break the school record, but all of his former teammates were there cheering for me too. I remember running by my dad mid-race and he yelled at me, ‘You look great, Devan!’

“I teared up a little because I knew I was having a big day. I finished the race in second place and turned around to watch all of my teammates finish the race with season best times. Because of that race I was also awarded NSIC Athlete of the Week for cross country, the first for our program.”

Now, after finishing his athletic and academic career, he wouldn’t change a thing.

“I hope anyone considering Minot State fully embraces the idea, my time spent here has been the highlight of my life,” he said. “I’m grateful for the relationships formed and friendships that will last a lifetime.”

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Published: 05/19/20   

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