Mays sees virtual learning as window to future

By Dan Fagan
University Communications

SHREVEPORT, La. – Out of necessity, colleges across the country have transitioned to online learning due to the spread of Covid-19.

This has left many students and professors scrambling to adapt to a new educational platform that takes place through a computer screen rather than in a classroom, but Minot State University Management Professor Tracey Mays has found herself a step ahead of the virtual learning curve.

Mays moved from Minot to Shreveport last summer after her husband, who serves in the Air Force, was transferred.

“I was teaching virtually for a semester-and-a-half before everyone else had to do it,” Mays said. “Last fall my students were sitting in the classroom at Minot State, but I was lecturing them from my office in Shreveport.” 

Mays sees virtual learning as a harbinger of the future career for many of her management students as they prepare to enter the workforce of a global economy.

“A lot of businesses are global now. Managers are supervising teams in various countries simultaneously through virtual means of communication,” Mays said. “As business students this kind of education is a great way to learn the etiquette and environment of interacting and working virtually.”

Access and exposure to business leaders and networks outside the Minot area is a major benefit that Mays sees with virtual learning.

“I am able to have business leaders from large companies visit the class virtually and speak with the students,” Mays said.

In a constantly evolving business world, Mays has one motto that she is adamant about imparting to her students — innovate or die.

“You have to be able to be creative and adapt to the changing environment, otherwise you get left behind,” Mays said, “ so utilize the technology out there so you can become relevant in the next iteration of life.”

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Published: 05/08/20   

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