Minot State Department of Nursing begins virtual simulations

MINOT, N.D. – Although the campus is quiet and buildings are shuttered, Minot State University students are logging in to resume classes this week.

As students and faculty begin remote instruction, the Minot State Department of Nursing is adapting to these changes by using virtual simulation in place of clinical experiences.

“There are some really great products that many companies are allowing nursing schools to use due to the current circumstances with COVID-19,” Kim Tiedman, nursing instructor, said. “The virtual simulation allows the student to prioritize which patients are more critical and should be seen first. They also use the six rights of medication administration, delegation, and clinical reasoning. That is what we do in the clinicals, so it reinforces what we do and what we expect the nurses of the future to be able to do.”

Hands-on experiences are an important element to Minot State’s learning philosophy and future nurses have been accumulating clinical hours throughout their whole program. While the learning format has changed for the remainder of the semester, students will continue to make quick decisions in a realistic setting.

“One product has a variety of experiences such as medical/surgical, mental health, ER, pediatrics, and obstetrics/nursery,” Tiedman said. “There are also medication simulations where students must ‘pass’ the medications to the patients, but they need to select the correct time, correct drug, correct dose, and review patient allergies. While the student is doing this, there are frequent interruptions so it simulates real life and how one’s concentration can be interrupted.”

As the University adjusts to semester changes, Tiedman has advice for students.

“First, have patience; don’t get too stressed out about it all,” she said. “And communication is key. Communicate with the faculty, ask questions. In my class, we will be doing live question and answer sessions. Everybody can hear the questions, and everyone can hear the answers so it will be like having class in-person. We will still have that classroom discussion.

“That’s what faculty are here for — you, the student. We’re continuing to work hard to ensure our students receive the best education — just the delivery mode has changed.”

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Published: 03/25/20   

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