Minot State early childhood education degree offered online

MINOT, N.D. – Minot State University is offering a new online degree in early childhood education.

The Bachelor of Science degree meets the need for non-teacher licensure programs while the Bachelor of Science in Education, or BSED, continues to meet teacher licensure and certification requirements for early childhood education.

“This new online degree, the Bachelor of Science, is for everyone else who is already working and does not want to teach in a public school,” Thorpe said. “This degree is for Head Start teachers, preschool teachers, and people who want to run their own preschool. It’s also for people who want to be daycare directors or work in a hospital setting as an early childhood education (ECE) child specialist.”

Minot State’s major blends theory with practical application while students learn a holistic approach to child development. With the increased value being place on early childhood education, employment in the field is growing faster than average.

For more information on Minot State’s Bachelor of Science in Early Childhood Education, visit HERE.

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Published: 08/14/19   

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