Glenn County, California students arrive on Minot State’s campus

MINOT, N.D. – Eight years ago, Tracey Quarne, Glenn County Office of Education superintendent of schools, boarded a plane from California with a couple students about to embark on their senior year of high school.

The intent? To tour his alma mater, Minot State University.

Every year since, the ’81 graduate has continued to expand his outreach, both in number of participants and number of university tours. Four years ago, Pipeline 2 Success was launched.

“It started with 12 students and then the next year it was 16 students, and then last year there were 32,” Robin Smith, Pipeline 2 Success coordinator, said. “This year, there are around 70 students here.”

In nine days, the class of 2020 travels 2,800 miles in 12 vans with 24 driver chaperones. The program is free, providing the opportunity to all students in the district regardless of income.

“A lot of people ask us, ‘Why don’t you take a big charter bus?’ We don’t because it takes away from the original concept of building relationships,” Smith said. “It’s not just the relationships with the students here, it’s also the relationships the adults have with the students.

“I always tell the students, take a risk. Be bold. Meet new people.”

While on the road, Pipeline 2 Success members get to fully immerse themselves in the university experience, from staying in residence halls to campus tours to meeting faculty and staff.

“It’s very eye opening to look out and see that there are more options out there,” Dana Danely, Willows (California) High School student, said. “Minot State is a great university, it has wonderful facilities and I see a lot of very strong programs, like the nursing program. The people are really friendly.”

The criteria for schools included in the Montana and North Dakota tour includes being student friendly, student centered, safe, and affordable while offering programs that can be completed in four years.

“It is always enjoyable to work with students as they navigate the next steps of life,” Renee Dubic, Minot State assistant director of enrollment services, said. “It is fun to hear the different interests and background from the Pipeline 2 Success students and adult supporters.”

That support continues after the tour, with a barbeque in the summer, FAFSA workshop in October, and additional attention throughout the school year, creating a formula for success. Of the 14 students who attended Pipeline 2 Success in 2017, the latest year data has been compiled, 13 went to college and one is in the Marines.

“This year, we already know that one of students is accepted into Minot in the communication disorders program,” Smith said. “She got scholarships as well.”

“We’ve had several Minot State graduates from the Pipeline. It is a great program,” Kevin Harmon, Minot State vice president for academic affairs, said.

Although Pipeline 2 Success isn’t done with their 2019 tour yet, there is one theme that stays the same every year.

“Minot State has been a favorite. When we ask them why, they say it’s more personable, they feel safe here. They also feel like they’re really welcomed,” Smith said. “Like this morning, the president greeted us, we don’t get that at any other campus. I feel like that personal attention that we get is what sets Minot State apart.”

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Published: 06/13/19   

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