Minot State is Murray’s place

“When I toured, they talked about all the activities. The activities and the benefits of the campus size, those are the best kept secrets here.”
Emily Murray, sophomore, elementary education

By Amanda Duchsherer
Digital Communications Specialist

MINOT, N.D. – After high school Emily Murray decided to go a different direction than her classmates.

While many of her peers headed to the eastern part of the state, the Valley City native was drawn north to Minot State University.

“When I toured, they talked about all the activities. The activities and the benefits of the campus size, those are the best kept secrets here,” Murray said.

Not wanting to miss out on any campus events, Murray began attending MSU Life meetings soon after she arrived in Minot.

“I joined last year, not thinking I’d ever talk, that I’d just sit there and know when all the things were,” Murray said.

Her wallflower approach didn’t last long. Soon Murray found herself an active participant in meetings and providing input on upcoming events. Helping during activities was a natural progression.

“Emily is the sweetest. She has been on the MSU Life team for just over a year and from the beginning she has been an asset to the team – she is always willing to pitch in and volunteer for events and provide great feedback when we’re looking to improve future events,” Aaron Hughes, Minot State student activities coordinator, said. “She is always smiling and just all around a sweetheart.”

Finding her place in campus life was immediate. Selecting a major took a little more time.

Minot State advising coordinator Heather Martin helped Murray select a wide range of classes for her freshman year. This approach helped Murray narrow down her choices.

“She said to take classes that sound good and I’ll find what I like, and that worked for me,” Murray said. “Even if you think you know what you want to go into, it’s good to try different things.”

Murray returned to Valley City in between her freshman and sophomore years and it was there, at her summer job, where she realized she had a talent for her passion.

“I was working with preschool-aged kids and the kids liked what I was doing so it made me realize that maybe I was good at it. And, if I loved it, I should spend my life doing it,” Murray said.

In August Murray returned to Minot State and declared her major in elementary education.

“I’m excited about it,” she said about her choice.

Today, the sophomore can be found in her education cluster classes, clocking in observation hours, living in Dakota Hall, and helping create successful MSU Life events, making Minot State Murray’s place.

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Published: 12/07/18   

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