Alum from Day 1: Graduate School Brooke Yaschyshyn

Alum from Day 1: Brooke Yaschyshyn, Swan River, Manitoba, Graduate School, Masters of Management

Brooke came to Minot State after earning a Bachelor of Commerce, Major of Management from the University of Saskatchewan. She now spends much of her non-classroom day working in the Minot State University Advancement Office and has also worked as a graduate assistant for special education.

Why did you choose Minot State?
I really liked the small class sizes Minot State has to offer.

How has Minot State helped you further your academic career?
My studies and my research work here will prepare me to decide whether to enter industry or try to pursue a Ph.D. I feel because of what I have learned, I am confident in doing both.

What is your favorite quote?
“A smooth sea never made a skilled sailor.” — Franklin D. Roosevelt

What has been your favorite class?
Strategic marketing. The University and community partnership that we did for the class is a good application of what you are learning. I hope Minot State will continue that relationship.

Who has been your most influential instructor?
Megan Fixen ’06. She’s my project advisor and has taken the time to work with me throughout all of my classes. She has gone above and beyond to help me with the program and project writing.

What is the best kept secret about Minot State?
All of the MLife events and activities, especially prizes at bingo.

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Published: 12/21/18   

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