Senior Spotlight: Michaela Brost

“Sure I want do well, get good grades, earn a good score on the LSAT and go to law school. But I also want to take skills I learn and know how to apply them to new situations.”
Michaela Brost, senior, history

Brost sets her sights on the courtroom

MINOT, N.D. – Senior history major Michaela Brost has made it a life-long habit of adapting to new environments.

The youngest of nine siblings, Brost spent her early childhood in Durango, Colo., living in a trailer with no heat or running water before moving to Coarsegold, Calif., a small community known for its proximity to Yosemite National Park and its annual tarantula festival.

By her sophomore year of high school, Brost had decided that she wanted to be a lawyer after participating in Mock Trial. But even before this discovery, she believes her formative years put her on the path of becoming a legal professional.

“I’m the youngest of nine children, so I’m used to justifying everything I do,” Brost said.

After graduating high school and learning about Minot State’s in-state-tuition-for-all policy, Brost, along with a friend, left behind Northern California for Northern North Dakota.

Brost chose to maximize her pre-law education at MSU by majoring in history, minoring in criminal justice, and concentrating in sociology and French.

“I always loved history, and my history teacher in high school was very entertaining and passionate about the subject and it was contagious,” Brost recalled. “Also history was a major topic of discussion around the family dinner table.”

With small class sizes and the ability to study a wide range of topics, Brost describes the MSU History Department as “a special place.” Even the heavy workload, although challenging, has its upside.

“It’s lots of reading and lots of papers, but I loved it the whole time,” Brost said. “There is an interesting camaraderie among the students that comes from being forced to write 20-page papers and knowing that everyone in the room is in the same place that you are, which is, the paper is due in two weeks and you still haven’t started it.”

Involvement in extracurricular activities has been essential to Brost’s time at Minot State. She served as a peer mentor with the Center for Engaged Teaching and Learning and co-instructed First Year Experience classes for incoming students.

“It’s interesting to watch new students adjust to the college environment,” she said.

Brost served as the president of the League of Social Sciences renowned for Constitution Day activities and its chili cook off on campus every year.

Internships have also been integral to Brost’s education. Between her junior and senior year, Brost interned at the District Attorney’s Office in Fresno, Calif. This summer she will intern with Sen. Heidi Heitkamp’s Minot office.

“The district attorney is an elected position that is more legally inclined, while a senator is more politically inclined,” Brost said. “I’m excited to learn more about what goes on in Heitkamp’s office, and how she makes her decisions. I will be dealing with constituents, going to briefings, taking notes at meetings, and I get to shadow her when she comes to town.”

Law school is on the horizon for Brost who is currently studying for the Law School Admissions Test, and is considering applying to law schools all over the country and even abroad. Brost plans to one day practice family, or human rights law, and eventually become a judge.

Looking back at her time at MSU, Brost believes the most important takeaway has been the importance of skill development.

“Sure I want do well, get good grades, earn a good score on the LSAT and go to law school,” she said. “But I also want to take skills I learn and know how to apply them to new situations.”

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Published: 05/14/18   

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