Senior Spotlight: Annika Kraft

“I wanted to do more and really get to know this campus before I left.”
Annika Kraft, senior, chemistry & theatre

In the lab, on the stage, Kraft thrives

MINOT, N.D. – If there were a class on the art of multi-tasking, senior Annika Kraft would be the ideal instructor.

A double major in chemistry and theatre, Kraft is the consummate time-manager. When she’s not conducting research in the lab or rehearsing a play in Aleshire Theater, she can be found in the Center for Engaged Teaching and Learning where she works as a tutor, in the Student Government Office (she was elected as vice president of internal affairs in 2017), or in the Wellness Center where she frequently unwinds by climbing the rock wall.

Born and raised in Minot, Kraft didn’t feel the need to venture far from home to attend college. The small campus proved an ideal venue to pursue multiple interests.

Kraft attributes her love of science to her brother, who got her interested in science in middle school.

“My brother is a chemical engineer and I’ve always looked up to him, so I thought I would try science too,” Kraft said.

Kraft discovered that she too had an affinity for chemistry. The sight of the periodic table puts a smile on her face.

“It’s a gigantic puzzle, and I love puzzles,” she said.

Her introduction to the stage happened years before when she played the role of the little red hen in kindergarten. But it wasn’t until she attended high school that she caught the theatre bug.

“I got into theatre because I didn’t want to ride the bus home from school anymore,” Kraft admitted. “Painting sets and acting seemed like a better use of my time.”

When Kraft enrolled at Minot State she planned to major in chemistry and minor in theatre, but discovered during her junior year that she had taken so many theatre classes she was unexpectedly on track to graduate as a double major.

“I think chemistry is one of the hardest degrees to major in, but if you delve into theatre and take on those large roles it can be just as exhausting,” Kraft said.

In the chemistry lab, Kraft conducted research related to caffeine culminating in a presentation at the North Dakota Academy of Science, and later a 30-minute lecture in front of faculty and students at Minot State. For her senior project in theatre, Kraft produced a 10-minute play festival with works written, performed, and directed by MSU students.

“I wanted to do a project that could really help the department going forward,” Kraft said. “You have everything you get from a large production — acting, directing, tech, writing — but in a smaller compact format with the students overseeing everything.”

Kraft hopes the next wave of theatre students will continue the tradition of the 10-minute play festival and its commitment to producing new material.

Student government is another realm that Kraft has explored during her time at MSU. She was elected a student senator twice, before winning election as vice president of internal affairs.

“I wanted to do more and really get to know this campus before I left,” Kraft said.

With a litany of accomplishments under her belt, Kraft will graduate this spring as a shining example of a student that has lived up to the Minot State motto — Be seen. Be heard.

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Published: 05/09/18   

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