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Minot State University students don cap and gown

More than 695 undergraduate and graduate students were eligible to walk through Minot State University’s commencement exercises May 12 in the Dome.

Graduates are listed below by hometown. The list includes type of degree, major and honors received (in boldface). The degree types are listed as BA for a Bachelor of Arts degree, BAS for a Bachelor of Applied Science degree, BS for a Bachelor of Science degree, BSE for a Bachelor of Science in Education degree, BSN for Bachelor of Science in Nursing, BSW for Bachelor in Social Work, BGS for Bachelor of General Studies, BFA for Bachelor of Fine Arts, AS for an Associate of Science degree, AAS for an Associate of Applied Science degree, MAT for a Master of Arts in Teaching degree, MS for a Master of Science degree, MME for Master of Music Education and MEd for a Master of Education. Students graduating with honors from Minot State University earned a minimum cumulative grade point average of 3.9 for summa cum laude, 3.75 for magna cum laude and 3.5 for cum laude.

Students earning degrees from Dakota College at Bottineau programs offered on the Minot campus have the option of participating in MSU commencement; those who chose to do so are listed. DCB students graduating with high honors have earned a minimum grade point average of 3.8, and those with honors designation have earned a minimum of 3.5.


Almont -- Sarah Jahner, BS, management.
Antler -- Bailey Tofteland, BS, finance.
Balfour -- Laura Martwick, BGS.
Belcourt -- Shenoa Prouty, MS, management.
Berthold -- Jennie Brettin, MS, management; Samantha Christman, BS, criminal justice, summa cum laude; Brittna Gregory, BSE, English education, cum laude; Miles Knudsvig, BS, computer science; Daniel Yale, BS, management, international business, marketing.
Bismarck -- Megan Aberle, BS, marketing; Samantha Archambault, BS, management; Jaci Barron, BS, management; Chase Betz, BS, management information systems; Samantha Bishop, BSW; Kira Bossert, BSW; Kelsey Dahl, MS, management; Jordan Dollinger, BSW; Joseph Eberle, BAS, applied business information technology, cum laude; Elizabeth Freije, BGS; Mallory Gray, BSE, elementary education; Alec Grothe, MS, sports management; Joshua Gudvangen, BS, criminal justice; Shana Heinrich, BSN; Roger Herrmann, BA, mathematics; McKenzie Herz, BSW; Erin Jacobson, BS, marketing; Melissa Kainz, BSN, cum laude; Lexus Kelsch, BS, marketing; Justin Klabunde, BS, management; Brittany Laber, BS, criminal justice; Jenna Lyon, BA, psychology; Torina McConnachie, BA, psychology; Desiree Pinks, BS, marketing; Cassandra Rhone, BSN; Layn Sabot, BS, addiction studies, cum laude; Elizabeth Sweep, BSW; Gabraelle Twite, BSW; Justin Wilson, BS, management information systems, magna cum laude.
Bottineau -- Andrea Beyer, BS, special education, marketing; Kelsey Jensen, BSN, cum laude; Mark LaCroix, BSE, social science; Jori Larson, BSE, English education, summa cum laude; Haley Mastvelten, BA, English, summa cum laude; Brittany Mikkelsen, BSE, elementary education, magna cum laude; Libbi Stewart, BS, management, marketing.
Bowbells -- Marie Jepsen, BSE, mathematics, honors, summa cum laude.
Brocket -- Morgan Matejcek, BGS, cum laude.
Burlington -- Justin Clock, MS, management; Leticia Karhoff, MS, special education, (strategist); Ashley Korner, BGS, cum laude; Jessica Schloesser, BSE, special education; Kelsey Walz, BSE, special education, elementary education, summa cum laude.
Cando -- Hannah Alto, BSE, elementary education, summa cum laude.
Carpio -- Jacey Erickson, MEd, business; Jasmin Peterson, BS, medical laboratory science, magna cum laude.
Cooperstown -- Hillary Starke, BA, sociology.
Courtenay -- Lacey McKenzie, BS, criminal justice.
Crosby -- Amanda Hubble, MS, special education, (early childhood special education), Graduate School citation for excellence.
Deering -- Kate McDonald, MEd reading; Ashley Mogard, BSE, music, summa cum laude.
Des Lacs -- Mandy Olson, BA, geology.
Devils Lake -- Natasha Alexander, BS, criminal justice; Jennifer Halvorson, MS, management; Kacy Hettwer, BSE, early childhood education, cum laude; Brittany Westphal, MS, management.
Dickinson -- Tanielle Brost, BSN , summa cum laude; Kylee Brown, BSW, cum laude; Connor Cole, BS, criminal justice; Tammy Fischer, BSE, special education; Tara Goeres, BS, criminal justice; Dolly Muziri, BSN, cum laude; Mallory Wolf, MS, special education, (education of deaf/hard of hearing).
Donnybrook -- Morgan Goettle, BS, management.
Drake -- Heather Lemer, BA, biology; Veronica Schmitt, BSE, elementary education, cum laude.
Drayton -- Rachel Juhl, BSW.
Dunseith -- Boyd Wilkie, BSN.
Esmond -- Katie Streifel, BS, management, cum laude.
Fargo -- Mariana Reopelle, BSW; Wlehgie Swen, BSW.
Fort Yates -- Joseph McNeil, certificate, reception services, DCB.
Frontier -- Elizabeth Eidenschink, BSW.
Garrison -- Tawnya Iglehart, BSE, art education.
Glenburn -- Brittany Nelson, BSE, early childhood education.
Glenfield -- Nicole Edland, BS, corporate fitness.
Goodrich -- Amber Anderson, BSE, special education, magna cum laude.
Grand Forks -- William Bray, BS, energy economics and finance; Matthew Hanson, BSE, physical education; Sam Mburu, BSN.
Granville -- Dillon Jesz, BS, corporate fitness; Samantha Lundy, BS, management, international business.
Grenora -- RobbiJo Morgan, MEd, elementary education.
Hampden -- Gabrielle Damschen, BA, music, honors, summa cum laude.
Harvey -- Dakota Steedsman, MS, management.
Harwood -- Garrett Heim, BSW.
Hazen -- Rachael Hansana, BSE, elementary education; Connor Hill, BSE, history; Christine Irwin, BSE, special education, elementary education; Linette Irwin, MS, special education, (strategist); Maggie Jacobson, BS, addiction studies, cum laude.
Jamestown -- Tina Bear, BSN; Chelsea Dunshee, BSN, special education; McCall Fix, BS, human services: intellectual and developmental disabilities, cum laude; Diana Kouba, MS, special education, (early childhood special education); Alora Robertson, BSE, elementary education.
Kenmare -- Melissa Godejohn, MS, special education, (early childhood special education); Matthew Goettle, MME, music; Kara Tengesdal, MS, special education, (strategist).
Killdeer -- Tulsa Lundberg, BA, music.
Lignite -- Amy Nelson, MEd, English.
Lincoln -- Kia Moch, MS, communication disorders.
Makoti -- Juria Wiechmann, BSE, elementary education, summa cum laude.
Mandan -- Shawn Berger, BS, criminal justice; Kayla Bryant, BS, addiction studies, cum laude; Jessica Dirk, BS, criminal justice; Dylan Horner, BA, psychology, summa cum laude; Rachael Kary, BSW; Shelby Keller, BSW; Tandra Kraft, MS, information systems; Jennifer Messer, BS, management; Ashleigh Miller, BS, criminal justice; Suzannah Miller, BA, music, chemistry, honors, summa cum laude; Ashley Neis, BSW; Joelle Pechacek, MS, special education, (strategist); Tyler Russell, MS, information systems; Skylar Tausend, BS, radiologic technology.
Max -- Amanda Semeryuk, BS, management, marketing, cum laude.
Medina -- Toni VanEaton, BSN.
Minot -- Katie Abrahamson, BFA and BA, art, honors, summa cum laude; Stephen Adams, BSE, elementary education, magna cum laude; Colette Aguilar, BSE, elementary education; Albert Ahanonu, MS, management; Megan Albertson, BSE, elementary education, summa cum laude; Ahlam Alchikh, BS, medical laboratory science, cum laude; Jesse Andrist, BS, management; Felix Arcay, MS, management; Kelsey Aspaas, MS, communication disorders, (speech-language pathology); Oriyomi Awosanya, MEd, cogitative science; Etinosa Ayinla, BA, biology, honors, cum laude; Tiffany Azzarello, BA, chemistry, biology; Crystal Babcock, BSN; Carla Barnes, BSE, history, magna cum laude; Tyler Berg, BS, management, international business, marketing; Austin Berntson, BS, criminal justice; Harmony Bickell, BS, finance; Liberty Bickell, BS, management information systems; Jessica Bosch, BSE, special education, elementary education; Rikki Bowersox, BS, criminal justice; Andrea Brown, BSN; Deamie Brown, BS, accounting; Nichole Brunner, BS, communication disorders; Alexander Buchholz, BA, chemistry, biology, honors, magna cum laude; Rachel Busch, BSE, elementary education; Brittany Bushnell, BA, psychology; Michael Carson, BSE, physical education; Katie Casteel, MS, special education, (special education strategist); Kristi Chase, BS, finance; Kai Cheng, BSN; Jennifer Cogdill, BS, accounting; Levi Cooper, AAS, medical assistant, DCB; Rhianna Costiloe, BS, human services: intellectual and developmental disabilities; Kathryn Darby, AAS, liberal arts, DCB; Shauntae Delmar, BSW; Marcus Detlaff, BS, criminal justice; Kalyn Dewitt, BFA, art; Akira Dobashi, BS, international business; Robert Dobson Jr., BS, management; Kacey Donamaria, BA, English, magna cum laude; Connor Donovan, BA, theatre arts; Sean Downes, BS, computer science; Anny Duong, BS, special education; Oladapo Durodola, BSN, special education; Dailey Elm, BSE, elementary education, magna cum laude; Ethan Erickson, BS, finance; Jaeda Ertelt, BSN; BreAnne Etier, BS, criminal justice, cum laude; Branden Evans, BA, theatre arts, magna cum laude; Casey Feldner, BA, history; Brad Fettig, BS, management information systems; Lacey Fischer, BS, criminal justice; Kyla Fisher, BS, management; Katherine Folden, BSE, elementary education, cum laude; Taylor Foley, BSE, elementary education, magna cum laude; Katelyn Fornshell, MS, communication disorders, Graduate School citation for excellence; Molly Frueh, BSE, elementary education; Krystal Funke, BSE, elementary education; Karlee Galvin, BS, finance; Vera Gaylah, BSW; Koliawu Geer, BGS; Madison Geer, BSE, elementary education, cum laude; Seth Gehring, BS, management information systems; Alicia Gordon, BS, human services: intellectual and developmental disabilities; Sarah Guisgand, BSW; Kaitlin Gyles, BS, management, marketing, cum laude; Courtney Haase, BSE, elementary  education, early childhood education, cum laude; Jordan Halseth, MS, communication disorders; Dana Halvorson, BSE, elementary education; Danielle Halvorson, BS, addiction studies; Melody Hanson, BSE, English education, magna cum laude; Dylan Harvey, BS, corporate fitness; Hannah Harvey, BSE, special education, elementary education, magna cum laude; Ismail Hassan, BS, medical laboratory science, honors, magna cum laude; Cody Haugen, BA, biology; DeAnna Henderson, BA, sociology; Macie Henjum, BSE, early childhood education; Brian Holen, BSE, English education, magna cum laude; Mark Holter, BGS; William Hurt, BA, mathematics; Hope Idahosa, BS, management, marketing, international business, cum laude; Lori Ihli, BSE, biology, cum laude; Ayotunde Itayemi, MS, management; Shawnta James, BS, criminal justice; Sunshine Jantzi, BS, human services: intellectual and developmental disabilities; Michael Jenkins, BS, corporate fitness; Alyssa Jermiason, BSE, music, summa cum laude; Anthony Jones Jr., BS, criminal justice; Aaron Kasper, BSE, physical education; Kirsten Keeling, BS, radiologic technology; Elizabeth Kelly, MAT, science; Laurie Kimball, MEd, elementary/middle school mathematics; Kayla Kircher, BSE, elementary education; Alexis Klein, BA, broadcasting; Aaron Klingbeil, MAT, science; Brittany Knickerbocker, BSE, elementary education, summa cum laude; Remington Kostenko, BS, criminal justice, magna cum laude; Ines Koue, BS, management information systems; Aaron Krebsbach, MS, information systems; Cole Krueger, MS, management; Megdalyn Kuske, BSE, elementary education, cum laude; Alexander Kyne, MS, information systems; Mataya Lafontaine, BS, management, marketing; Nicholas LaPointe, MEd, cognitive science; Stephi Leeson, BSE, elementary education; Ryan Lesmeister, BSE, physical education; Morgan Long, BS, medical laboratory science; Nicole Love, MS, management; April Lowther, BGS; Mark Lyman, MS, management; Kira MacKay, BSN, cum laude; Austin Maercklein, BSE, mathematics, cum laude; Courtney Mantz, MEd, English; Sydney Marmon, BA, psychology; Daniel Mastel, BS, management; Kale McHenry, BA, history; Christian Miller, MS, management; Nathan Miller, BS, computer science; Lindsey Mogard, BSN, summa cum laude; Alyssa Moum, BS, management, marketing, magna cum laude; Ayanda Ncube, BA, geology; Mindy Nehring, BS, human services: intellectual and developmental disabilities; Alex Nelson, BSW; Joshua Nelson, BA, sociology; Claudia Nettleton, BS, management; Hanh Nguyen, MS, management; Theresa Niess, MEd, elementary/middle school mathematics; Bailey Obenchain, BA, psychology; Sijuwade Olowu, BS, computer science; Erik Olson, BGS; Tiana Olson, BSE, elementary education, cum laude; Chloe Ondracek, BA, mathematics, magna cum laude; Heather Oswalt, BSN, magna cum laude; Sarah Owens, BGS; Dina Passaglia, BA, English; Hannah-Ruth Patterson, BSW, Spanish, summa cum laude; Brandon Pines, BGS; Marcus Polak, BS, international business; Jordan Pride, BS, criminal justice; Tokiniaina Ratianarivo, BS, finance; Nicole Reyes, BSN, magna cum laude; Amy Roberts, BSE, elementary education, cum laude; Kalpana Sanmugam, BA, psychology; Stetson Sannes, MS, management; Douglas Sarara, BA, mathematics; Everlyn Sawe, MS, management; Serena Scheller, BSN; Tyler Schelske, BS, criminal justice; Hannah Schiele, BS, management, marketing; Kimberly Schlak, BSN, cum laude; Alexis Schmit, BSN; Megan Schonberger, BSN; Brittany Seibert, BSE, elementary education; Cally Sessions, BS, marketing; Maci Severson, MS, management; Kayleen Shelley, BS, human services: intellectual and developmental disabilities; Melisa Smestad, BSN; Autumn Smith, BSN, cum laude; Jacques Stanley, MS, information systems; Eric Steele, MS, special education, (strategist); Isaiah Steinwand, BSE, physical education; Emily Stredwick, BS, management, marketing; Paul Stroklund, BS, management; Scott Sully, BSE, history; Kyle Tescher, BS, international business, marketing, cum laude; Nicholas Theis, BSE, mathematics, magna cum laude; Eric Thoemke, BSE, history; Ma Torres, BS, criminal justice, cum laude; ShaLene Trulson, BA, art; Calli Tweten, BSE, elementary education; Dennis Uhrmacher, BS, computer science, cum laude; Carilyn Voorhies, MEd; Keyona Walker, BSE, early childhood education; Ashley Walz, BS, accounting, finance; Elvira Warbis, MS, management; Lee Whitson, BGS; Mariya Williams, BS, management, marketing; Sylvia Wisniewski, BS, human services: intellectual and developmental disabilities; Matthew Wohl, BS, addiction studies; Lauren Wood, BSE, English education, magna cum laude; Lana Wyatt, MS, special education, (developmental disabilities/autism spectrum disorders); Toon Yamashita, BA, communication; Sandy Yang, MS, management; Samantha Yatzeck, BSN, cum laude; Anne Yost, BS, radiologic technology.
Mohall -- Tina Denning, BSE, elementary education; Natalie Melin, BS, management.
Mott -- Jessica Schaible, BSW.
Munich -- Rachel Strand, MEd, elementary/middle school mathematics.
New Rockford -- Laura Lies, Education Specialist, school psychology.
New Town -- Jennifer Brenna, MS, management; Kassidy Brenna, BSE, music, magna cum laude; Sheldon Standish, BS, criminal justice, cum laude.
Oakes -- Chelsea Grove, BSW, cum laude.
Park River -- Brady Gudgel, BSE, music, cum laude.
Parshall -- Joseph Freeman Jr., BS, management; Ernest Wilkinson III, BS, management.
Portland -- Jonathon Berger, BS and AS, human services: intellectual and developmental disabilities.
Powers Lake -- Caitlin Gunderson, BSE, elementary education.
Ray -- Janessa Viall, MS, special education, (strategist).
Rolla -- Jill Waldera, MEd, elementary/middle school mathematics.
Rugby -- Laura Fritel, BSN; Brenda Olson, MS, special education, (early childhood education); Kyle Volk, BS, management.
Ruso -- Haley Heiser, BSN.
Stanley -- Summer Clayton, BS, corporate fitness, cum laude; Nolan Spooner, MAT, science.
Strasburg -- Kellie Tougas, BS, finance, cum laude; Jennifer Wikenheiser, BS, management, summa cum laude.
Streeter -- Katrina Iszler, BSW, cum laude.
Surrey -- Garret Klein, BS, management, marketing, cum laude; Angela Large, BS, criminal justice; Jenna Vollmer, BS, accounting, management.
Tioga -- Jessica Cushing, BS, management; Ellie Hawkinson, AS, information management administrative assistant, DCB.
Towner -- Cassie Bethke, BSE, special education; Ashley Seykora, MEd, English.
Underwood -- Samantha Cottingham, BS, addiction studies; Teri Heidelberger, BA, psychology, magna cum laude.
Velva -- Roberta Clark, BSE, elementary education, early childhood education; Kayla Craig, BSE, social science; McKenna Foley, BSE, elementary education, magna cum laude; Taylor Lakoduk, BSE, elementary education; Tasha Leier, BSN.
Wahpeton -- Bethany Grant, AS, human services: intellectual and developmental disabilities.
Wake Forest -- Keaton Epps, MS, management.
Washburn -- Cheyenne Charging, BSE, elementary education, cum laude.
Watford City -- Tyler Bates, BS, management, international business, marketing.
West Fargo -- Kiley Hicks, MEd, elementary education.
Westhope -- Penny Belgarde, MEd, business; Kylee Conway, BAS, applied management; Hadlee Schell, BSE, elementary education, cum laude.
Williston -- Alexis Arcand, BSN;  Kayla Barke, BGS, magna cum laude; Alex Cundiff, BSE, physical education; Cote Dickerson, BS, management, cum laude; Lindsey Eliasen, BA, music, honors; Alexius Enget, BS, criminal justice; Molly Haagenson, BSE, special education, summa cum laude; Robert Hanson, MS, information systems; Melanie Heinrich, BS, management;  Sara Kvande, BSE, early childhood education, elementary education, magna cum laude;  Shelby Pederson, BSW, cum laude; Douglas Richter, MS, management; Jaci Rynda, MS, special education, (education of deaf/hard of hearing); Kayla Solem, BSW, cum laude; Shawna Thomas, BA, art.
Wilton -- Alanna Smith, MS, management.
Wing -- Tana Deckert, BSN.
Wishek -- Karly Wald, BS, marketing.


Phenix City, Ala. -- Talandra Lamons, MS, management.
Anchorage, Alaska -- Jerusha Henehan, BSN, cum laude.
Wasilla, Alaska -- Kamie Allen, MEd, elementary/middle school mathematics.
Holbrook, Ariz. -- Quinn Williams, BA, broadcasting.
Lake Havasu City, Ariz. -- Madelynne Wark, BSN.
Mesa, Ariz. -- Kristin Long, BSN.
Peoria, Ariz. -- Brianna Ramsey, BS, athletic training, cum laude.
Phoenix, Ariz. -- Tarah Dabovich, BS, management information systems; Stephanie Lucero, MS, information systems; Sarah Suloff, BSE, biology, magna cum laude.
Tucson, Ariz. -- Ketul Thaker, MS, information systems.
Yuma, Ariz. -- Elizabeth August, BSN.
Manila, Ark. -- Casey Jones, BS, management.
Arroyo Grande, Calif. -- Elizabeth Combs, BSN, cum laude.
Bakersfield, Calif. -- Tori Zimmerman, BS, criminal justice, cum laude.
Carson, Calif. -- LaMonte Peters Jr., BS, marketing.
Chula Vista, Calif. -- Courtney Holman, BS, management information systems, magna cum laude.
Clovis, Calif. -- Donnell Vercher, BS, corporate fitness.
Colton, Calif. -- Mahalia Ortiz, BSE, Spanish.
El Granada, Calif. -- Matthew Callan, BS, corporate fitness.
Elk Grove, Calif. -- Gregory Parashak, BGS; Darleen Scoggins, BS, radiologic technology; Maurice Talley Jr., MS, management.
Fontana, Calif. -- Amanda Garcia, BS, criminal justice.
Grandad Hills, Calif. -- Brian Gutierrez, MS, management.
Hanford, Calif. -- Lisa Yazzie, BS, addiction studies.
Highland, Calif. -- Steven Gill, BA, sociology.
Lakewood, Calif. -- Jason-Patrick, Revilla, BA, psychology.
Lemore, Calif. -- Tiffany Natale, BS, criminal justice.
Long Beach, Calif. -- Luckyna Phuong, MS, communication disorders, (speech-language pathology).
Los Angeles, Calif. -- Taylor Buffington, BGS; -- Erica Clark, BA, communication; Hye Lee, BA, biology, chemistry.
Madera Ranchos, Calif. -- Sierra Shannon, MS, special education, (education of deaf/hard of hearing).
Manteca, Calif. -- Breanne Hatfield, BA, chemistry, biology, mathematics, summa cum laude.
Modesto, Calif. -- Joyce Aznar, BSN.
Montclair, Calif. -- Samantha Villegas, BS, management information systems.
Murrieta, Calif. -- Brody Myers, BS, athletic training.
Norwalk, Calif. -- Jose Escobar, BS, criminal justice.
Palos Verdes, Calif. -- Spencer Wiley, BA, biology.
Perris, Calif. -- Dalia Tapia, BS, criminal justice.
Posey, Calif. -- Janise Coey, BS, energy economics and finance.
Rancho Cucamonga, Calif. -- Keegan Verdugo, BA, corporate fitness.
Riverside, Calif. -- Jonathan Kemp, BS, management information systems.
Rocklin, Calif. -- Zachary Cunha, BSE, physical education, mathematics, magna cum laude.
San Bruno, Calif. -- Leila Torres, BS, criminal justice.
San Diego, Calif. -- Jessi Degler, BS, criminal justice; Francisco Yanez, BS, criminal justice; Lucas Romanski, BS, finance.
Temecula, Calif. -- Rachel Burdette, BS, corporate fitness, cum laude.
Tracy, Calif. -- Kristopher Merrill, BS, criminal justice, sociology; Kellie Piazza, BS, corporate fitness.
Vallejo, Calif. -- Charles Lyte, BS, management.
Yuba City, Calif. -- Taylor Franco, BS, management.
Yucaipa, Calif. -- Nicholas LaPointe, MEd, cognitive science.
Aurora, Colo. -- Alexander Coleman, BA, broadcasting.
Castle Rock, Colo. -- Ava Brereton, MS, communication disorders, (speech-language pathology).
Colorado Springs, Colo. -- Christopher Davis, BS, corporate fitness; Jonathan Wilson, MS, information systems.
Highlands Ranch, Colo. -- Alexandria Lorusso, BA, psychology.
Lakewood, Colo. -- Karen Williamson, BSN.
Parker, Colo. -- Alexis Boutin, BS, energy economics and finance.
Pueblo, Colo. -- Kori Eurich, BS, management.
Enfield, Conn. -- Brianna Argenta, BA, mathematics, cum laude.
Lewes, Del. -- Joshua Caldwell, MS, information systems.
Boca Raton, Fla. -- Cheyenne Otten, BA, history.
Bushnell, Fla. -- Jessica Holman, BSN.
Fort Walton Beach, Fla. -- Aracellis Rivera-Velez, BSE, history, summa cum laude.
Jupiter, Fla. -- Kaylyn Livsey, BS, criminal justice.
Melbourne, Fla. -- Jarvis Mustipher, BS, corporate fitness.
Panama City, Fla. -- Cortney Crites, BA, geology.
Clyo, Ga. -- Jennifer Gleaton, BSE, elementary education.
Decatur, Ga. -- Gwendolyn McCoy, MS, information systems.
Flat Rock, Ga. -- Alex Hopper, MS, information system.
Lahaina, Hawaii -- Ashley Dillon, BA, mathematics.
Idaho Falls, Idaho -- Cindy Pelo, BGS.
Shelley, Idaho -- Trevin Swensen, BS, corporate fitness, cum laude.
Spirit Lake, Idaho -- Natalie Hayes, BA, psychology.
Arlington Heights, Ill. -- Kathryn McCormack, BS, marketing.
Eureka, Ill. -- Katherine Bunting, BS, management.
Pekin, Ill. -- Lucas Leitner, BS, criminal justice.
Prospect Heights, Ill. -- Caleb Harris, BSE, elementary education.
Fort Wayne, Ind. -- Nicholas Zern, BS, management.
Plymouth, Ind. -- Brea Montalbano, BSE, early childhood education.
South Bend, Ind. -- Tate Borlik, MS, management.
Des Moines, Iowa -- Amber Smith, BS, management, magna cum laude.
Ottumwa, Iowa -- Katelyn Baum, MS, management.
Prairie City, Iowa -- Brilee McWilliams, BSE, elementary education, cum laude.
Wayland, Iowa -- Isaac Hunt, MS, sports management.
West Des Moines, Iowa -- Kasi Chandaluri, MS, information systems; Rajasekhar Lukka, MS, information systems.
Louisville, Ky. -- Hilary Waite, BSW.
Lake Charles, La. -- Christopher Summers, BS, computer science.
Norway, Maine -- Deanna Phinney, BSN.
Skowhegan, Maine -- Jeremy Toles, BA, foreign language: dual languages.
Charlevoix, Mich. -- Winter Sams, BGS.
Detroit, Mich. -- Evan Hunt, BS, criminal justice.
Grand Rapids, Mich. -- Michel Baradosa, MS, information systems.
Hillman, Mich. -- Audrey Julka, BSE, mathematics.
Kalamazoo, Mich. -- Shianne Evans, BSN, magna cum laude.
Manton, Mich. -- Shellbey Stieg, MS, communication disorders.
Appleton, Minn. -- Hope Munsterman, BSW, cum laude.
Battle Lake, Minn. -- Abby Herbranson, BSW.
Bemidji, Minn. -- Marisha Lindquist, BSW, cum laude.
Benson, Minn. -- Abigail Graves, BSE, elementary education, honors, cum laude.
Blaine, Minn. -- Travis Gavin, MS, sports management.
Coon Rapids, Minn. -- Joseph Tran, MS, information systems.
Eagan, Minn. -- Krista Pinewski, BSW, magna cum laude.
Eden Prairie, Minn. -- Kelly Smith, BSW.
Elk River, Minn. -- Abelein Dunn, BSE, special education; Sydney Houlton, BA, psychology, biology.
Evansville, Minn. -- Kathryn Reisenauer, BSN, nursing, cum laude.
Freeport, Minn. -- Alyssa Beuning, BSW, special education.
Long Prairie, Minn. -- Maggie Chapin, BSW.
Maple Grove, Minn. -- Maria Dudas, BSN.
Moorhead, Minn. -- Taylor Dorvinen, BSW; Erica Hilde, MS, management.
Pelican Rapids, Minn. -- Ashley McDonald, BSW.
Pelican Rapids, Minn. -- Kristin Nersten, BSW, magna cum laude.
Prior Lake, Minn. -- Emily Skelly, BSW.
Ramsey, Minn. -- Jacob Kettler, MS, management.
Red Wing, Minn. -- Inga Dudley, BSE, mathematics, magna cum laude; Abigail Woodford, BSW.
Roseau, Minn. -- Katie Kasprowicz, BSN.
Sartell, Minn. -- Randi Buhman, BSN, cum laude.
Savage, Minn. -- Adrianna Jones, BSW.
Staples, Minn. -- April Fellman, MS, criminal justice.
Wanamingo, Minn. -- Allison Knott, BS, marketing.
Woodbury, Minn. -- Casey White, BSN.
Clarkdale, Mo. -- Vicky Edwards, BGS, general studies.
Kansas City, Mo. -- Demetrious Baylis, MS, management.
Bigfork, Mont. -- Joshua Sather, BS, corporate fitness.
Bozeman, Mont. -- Keith Ailes, BA, broadcasting.
Coancy, Mont. -- Cody George, BS, human services: intellectual and developmental disabilities.
Culbertson, Mont. -- Hallie Finnicum, BSE, special education, cum laude.
Glasgow, Mont. -- Heather Hickok, BSE, elementary education, early childhood education.
Glendive, Mont. -- Tyler Tolan, BS, criminal justice.
Havre, Mont. -- Derek Beilke, BS, radiologic technology.
Missoula, Mont. -- Sarah Lester, BA, sociology.
Opheim, Mont. -- BriAnn Nelson, BSE, elementary education.
Plentywood, Mont. -- Hannah Friedrich, BS, accounting, summa cum laude.
Sidney, Mont. -- Ashley Bjork, BS, management, marketing.
Westby, Mont. -- Tristan Schipman, BSE, early childhood education, magna cum laude.
Arlington, Neb. -- Alaina Albright, BA, art, cum laude.
Morrill, Neb. -- Jessica Strecker, BA, psychology, cum laude.
Omaha, Neb. -- Savana Kingsbury, BSE, business education, cum laude.
Dayton, Nev. -- Domenic Selmi, BS, management.
Fallon, Nev. -- Dijah Nash, BSN.
Las Vegas, Nev. -- Noelle Gomez, BGS; Victoria Holman, BSN, cum laude; Celene Johnson, BS, criminal justice; Farhana Latif, MS, management.
Belmont, N.H. -- Mackenzie Tilley, BSW.
Concord, N.H. -- Shana Berube, BSW, magna cum laude.
Albuquerque, N.M. -- Gemma Biasetto, BA, broadcasting.
Hamburg, N.Y. -- Kevin Gilgallon II, BS, finance.
Selden, N.Y. -- Carrissa Schlesinger, BS, criminal justice.
Charlotte, N.C. -- Aaron Nance, BA, English.
Elizabeth City, N.C. -- Matthew Robbins, BS, criminal justice.
Dayton, Ohio -- Danielle Trask, BGS.
Greenville, Ohio -- Christopher Francis, BAS, applied management.
Salineville, Ohio -- Heather Ives, BSW.
Shiloh, Ohio -- Amanda Petroschek, BA, mathematics.
Lone Grove, Okla. -- Kathryn Pfautz, BSE, elementary education, cum laude.
Oklahoma City, Okla. -- Aaron James, BS, international business.
Coos Bay, Ore. -- Kelsie Caudle, BSN.
Eagle Point, Ore. -- Kenneth Wolfe, BS, applied management.
McMinnville, Ore. -- Tiger Paasch, BS, criminal justice.
Portland, Ore. -- Kayla Powers, BS, criminal justice.
Sams Valley, Ore. -- Lillian Wolfe, BA, sociology.
Cherry Tree, Pa. -- Courtney Cote, MEd, reading.
Ligonier, Pa. -- John McDowell, BS, marketing.
McElhattan, Pa. -- Kimberly Parker, AS, human services: intellectual and developmental disabilities, magna cum laude.
Ridgway, Pa. -- Kelsey Karpinski, MS, information systems.
Stevens, Pa. -- Lauren Parker, BA, biology.
Barnwell, S.C. -- Anna Barlet, MS, management.
Union, S.C. -- William Bower, BAS, applied business information technology, cum laude.
Williston, S.C. -- Larry Jeffcoat, BS, management, cum laude.
Aberdeen, S.D. -- Emily Richardt, MS, management.
Eureka, S.D. -- Meaghan Hoff, BSW.
Mitchell, S.D. -- Joshua Meyer, BS, management.
Mobridge, S.D. -- Shandra Schulz, BSW.
Rapid City, S.D. -- Nyx Holaday, BS, management.
Knoxville, Tenn. -- Sara Sellers, BS, management.
Memphis, Tenn. -- O'Shay Neal, BSW.
Abilene, Texas -- Jeremy Kahl, MS, information systems.
Arlington, Texas -- Matthew Hargrove, BS, computer science.
Azle, Texas -- Julie Hollis, BSE, early childhood education, elementary education.
El Campo, Texas -- Jeffrey Dornak, BS, management.
Houston, Texas -- Chase Kimble, BS, marketing, international business.
Keller, Texas -- Kenneth Kulling, BS, computer science.
Midlothian, Texas -- Alexandria Houston, BSE, special education.
Plano, Texas -- Oland Whitecotton III, MS, information systems.
Richardson, Texas -- Muhammad Shahid, MS, management.
Richmond, Texas -- Brandon Boston, BS, special education.
San Antonio, Texas -- Steven Vaudt, BS, management, international business.
Heber City, Utah -- Michael Pelo, BS, management, cum laude.
South Jordan, Utah -- Jessica Thompson, BA, psychology.
Springville, Utah -- Conrad Beach, BS, criminal justice.
Ashburn, Va. -- Rekha Nakka, MS, information systems.
Franklin County, Va. -- Marisa Brooks, BSE, physical education, cum laude.
Spotsylvania, Va. -- Daniel Tortorelli Jr., BS, management, magna cum laude.
Winchester, Va. -- David Alaniz, BS, marketing, management.
Camano Island, Wash. -- Jennifer Hayes, BSE, elementary education, summa cum laude.
Coupeville, Wash. -- Megan Smith, BSE, early childhood education.
Edmonds, Wash. -- Melinda Kraakmo, BSN, cum laude.
Lakewood, Wash. -- Charles Hall Jr., BA, corporate fitness.
Longview, Wash. -- Kelly Baierl, MS, communication disorders.
Port Orchard, Wash. -- Aaron LaDeaux, BSE, physical education, cum laude.
Puyallup, Wash. -- Jonathan Lurvey, BA, broadcasting.
Renton, Wash. -- Rachael Kelly, Education Specialist, school psychology.
Seattle, Wash. -- Dharmendra Mudliar, MS, information systems.
Spokane, Wash. -- Brendan Bowman, MS, management.
Chippewa Falls, Wis. -- Alex King, BA, music.
Colby, Wis. -- Derek Buss, BS, management, magna cum laude.
Galloway, Wis. -- Steven Meshak, BS, criminal justice.
Portage, Wis. -- Kevin Hurd, MS, management.
Whitehall, Wis. -- Shandell Zeh, MS, information systems.
Cheyenne, Wyo. -- Maxwell Averill, BA, psychology.
Kemmerer, Wyo. -- Barry Lawson Jr., BAS, applied management.


Cochrane, Alberta -- Ashley Heavenor, BSN, summa cum laude.
Lethbridge, Alberta -- Dalton Houghton, MS, sports management.
Raymond, Alberta -- Mickenzie Czech, BSE, business education.
Creston, British Columbia -- Karson O'Keefe, BA, biology, cum laude.
Port Coquitlam, British Columbia -- Mallory Sall, BS, management information systems.
Victoria, British Columbia -- Connor Moughtin, MS, management.
Boissevain, Manitoba -- Hayley Hicks, BS, communication disorders, summa cum laude.
Brandon, Manitoba -- Jenna Donogh, Education Specialist, school psychology; Stacey Giesbrecht, Education Specialist, school psychology; Kelsey MacNaughton Buchholz, BS, accounting, marketing, international business, BA, art; Taylor Maloney, BS, marketing, international business; Jessica Murray, Education Specialist, school psychology.
Deloraine, Manitoba -- Cole Olson, BS, accounting.
Dufrost, Manitoba -- Vanessa Christiuk, BA, biology, cum laude.
Morden, Manitoba -- Kelsey Stewart, BA, chemistry, magna cum laude.
Souris, Manitoba -- Erin Paupanekis, Education Specialist, school psychology.
Steinbach, Manitoba -- Jesse Goertzen, BS, accounting, finance.
Virden, Manitoba -- Eric Sawyer, BSE, physical education.
Winnipeg, Manitoba -- Kylie Klassen, Education Specialist, school psychology; Tonya Rempel, Education Specialist, school psychology; Dillon Smith, BSE, physical education.
Alameda, Saskatchewan -- Danielle Gibson, BA, art; Jessica Howard, BSN, cum laude.
Bengough, Saskatchewan -- Chantal Kesslering, BS, communication disorders.
Carievale, Saskatchewan -- Brittnee Annetts, BSE, early childhood education, elementary education.
Earl Grey, Saskatchewan -- Kendall Becker, BS, communication disorders, cum laude.
Esterhazy, Saskatchewan -- Tennille Kulcsar, MS, communication disorders.
Estevan, Saskatchewan -- Ryan Curzon, BA, geology.
Hafford, Saskatchewan -- Candace Michalenko, MS, communication disorders.
Hanley, Saskatchewan -- Kelsey Dyck, BSW, social work.
Kinistino, Saskatchewan -- Thea Van Burgsteden, BSE, elementary education, cum laude.
Lake Lenore, Saskatchewan -- Miranda Lessmeister, BS, communication disorders, cum laude.
Langham, Saskatchewan -- Kaitlin Inkster, BSE, elementary education.
Meadow Lake, Saskatchewan -- Coleton Ethier, BA, mathematics, cum laude; Brynn Villeneuve, MS, special education, (education of deaf/hard of hearing).
Melfort, Saskatchewan -- Danielle Wehrkamp, MS, communication disorders.
Melville, Saskatchewan -- Avery Schick, BS, communication disorders.
North Battleford, Saskatchewan -- Jocelyn Collie, MS, communication disorders.
Pense, Saskatchewan -- Colby Boyes, BS, finance.
Prince Albert, Saskatchewan -- Lisa Brillinger, MS, communication disorders.
Regina, Saskatchewan -- Christine Crawford, MS, communication disorders; Nevin Dube, MS, management; Kathleen Gartner, MS, special education, (developmental disabilities/autism spectrum disorders); Chloe Lefebvre, MS, special education, (developmental disabilities/autism spectrum disorders); Nicole Malawski, BSE, special education; Johanna Nolin, BS, communication disorders, cum laude; Paul Vogelsang, BA, geology, MS, management; Brianna Wark, BSW.
Roche Percee, Saskatchewan -- Austin Halladay, BS, corporate fitness.
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan -- Christina Beck, BS, communication disorders, honors, magna cum laude; Danae Burke, BS, communication disorders, summa cum laude; Emily Mark, MS, communication disorders; Hailey Mayes, MS, special education, (developmental disabilities/autism spectrum disorders); Lisa Peberdy, MS, communication disorders; Gail Sajtos, MS, special education, (developmental disabilities/autism spectrum disorders).
Spiritwood, Saskatchewan -- Taylor Kenney, MS, communication disorders.
Strasbourg, Saskatchewan -- Jordan Schulz, BS, finance.
Warman, Saskatchewan -- Clay Benaschak, MS, management.
Welwyn, Saskatchewan -- Madison Johnston, BA, psychology.


Nassau, Bahamas -- Ortam Rolle, BA, broadcasting; Jeffyvonne Sands, BS, medical laboratory science.
Tangail, Bangladesh -- Mahafujur Rahman, BS, computer science.
Cotonou, Benin -- Flitolotin Zannou, BS, computer science.
Zagreb, Croatia -- Mario Dujmovic, BS, computer science.
Copperolis, England -- Colbi Eads, BA, history, magna cum laude.
Tema, Ghana -- Edbert Morgan, BS, finance, summa cum laude.
Calcutta, India -- Sauvik Chakraborty, BA, geology.
Abidjan, Ivory Coast -- Arsene Ble, BS, energy economics and finance.
Spanish Town, Jamaica -- Roxanne Pitt, BSN.
Kawasaki City, Japan -- Yoshika Ando, BS, marketing.
Yokohama, Japan -- Yoshikazu Tashiro, BA, sociology, MS, management.
Seoul, Korea -- Pu Yoon, BA, broadcasting.
Kathmandu, Nepal -- Amrita Rimal, BSN.
Nawalparasi, Nepal -- Navin Sapkota, BS, management information systems.
Enugu, Nigeria -- Emeka Abonyi, BS, biology.
Ifaki, Nigeria -- Feyisayo Ogunleye, BA, psychology.
La Union, Philippines -- Erika Mojica, BA, biology, summa cum laude.
Franca, Sao Paulo -- Luis Maia, BS, marketing, International Business, cum laude.
Dakar, Senegal -- Amadou Diallo, BA, mathematics, cum laude; Amadou Diallo, BS, bioinformatics, cum laude; Saliou Diallo, BS, computer science, mathematics, magna cum laude.
Belgrade, Serbia -- Lazar Boskovic, BS, special education.
Novi Sad, Serbia -- Stevan Jovanovic, BS, finance.
Stockholm, Sweden -- Rikard Lundin, MS, management.
Dushanbe, Tajikistan -- Kasym Saidov, BS, marketing.
Hanoi, Vietnam -- Do Nguyen, MS, management.
Brikama, Gambia -- Cecilia Sambou, BSN, cum laude.
Kawasaki, Kanagawa, Japan -- Avery Vargas, BA, history.
Yokohama, Kanagawa, Japan -- Nanako Sato, BA, communication.
Antananarivo, Madagascar -- Noro Ratianarivo, BS, international business.
Invercargill, New Zealand -- Morgan Hunter, BA, psychology.
Orhuwhorum, Nigeria -- Ogaga Ijoni, MS, management.
Chiang Mai, Thailand -- Methinee Artami, BA, biology, cum laude.
Fleet, United Kingdom -- Chloe Melton, BS, corporate fitness, cum laude.
Senegal, West Africa -- Papa Mbengue, MS, management.
Lusaka, Zambia -- Agness Chanda, BSW.
Harare, Zimbabwe -- Tapiwa Choto, BS, management information systems.

Published: 05/05/17

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