MSU students and senior citizens learn from each other

Minot State University freshmen enrolled in Leisa Harmon’s University Studies 110 class are facilitating a book club, which is reading Laura Ingalls Wilder’s “Little House in the Big Woods,” at the Parker Senior Center. The university students lead the group, which is attended by senior citizens. They meet to discuss their memories of themes related to the book.

“It has been amazing watching the generations interact and share experiences,” Harmon said. “This has been a great experience for both the students and the seniors.”

The University 110 class is part of a First Year Learning Community cohort, which is three separate classes tied together by a common theme. The three classes are “Survey of Communication Disorders,” “Children’s Literature” and “First Year Seminar.” The cohort of students is enrolled in all three classes. Instructors Nicole Thom-Arens, Erin Holt and Harmon meet regularly to integrate information and assignments for the three classes in the Learning Community. The book club is the community-based service learning project that integrates the content of the classes.

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Published: 02/25/17   

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