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MSU open house offers glimpse of student experience

On April 22 from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m., Minot State University invites prospective students and their families to a Spring Open House. They will experience what campus life is like for students.

“Minot State offers students the most important component of any school, a unique opportunity to be learning on a dynamic campus and interacting with quality faculty and staff,” said Katie Tyler, director of enrollment services. “Our faculty and staff members care about our students. The open house events are designed to bring together prospective students and their families and introduce them to our people who make a difference every day.”

MSU’s open house empowers students and their families to explore university life. They can spend time learning from faculty and staff members during two First Year Experience courses. Guests will learn how to support their students at MSU and about the challenges of transitioning to university life.

The two FYE classes are “Balancing Instinct” with Terry Eckmann, professor of teacher education and human performance, and Karina Stander, wellness specialist, and “Robots and Makers” with Warren Gamas, associate professor of teacher education and human performance, and Dan Ringrose, chair of the Division of Social Science.

Guests may tour the residence halls, and prospective students can “Build-a-Beaver” with current students. After lunch provided by MSU, accepted incoming freshmen may select their FYE courses as a bonus perk.

To RSVP or view details on speakers and events, visit www.ASKMSU.COM/OpenHouse.

For questions, contact the Office of Enrollment Services at or (701)858-3350.


Published: 02/27/17

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