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Corbitt is ‘Affirming Campuses’

Darcy Jeda Corbitt, MSU Diversity Council's guest speaker, will present “Affirming Campuses: Making Classrooms Inclusive of LGBTQ+ Student” Thursday (Feb. 23) in the Multicultural Center at 1 and 3 p.m.

Corbitt, a doctoral student in health psychology at North Dakota State University and a prominent advocate for transgender rights in the upper Midwest, has been active in the equality movement since 2012. Her political advocacy work includes successfully having gender identity and expression added to Auburn University's anti-discrimination policy. Since moving to North Dakota in 2016, Corbitt has spoken at and consulted with eight of the region's colleges and universities and organized the region's first LGBTQ+ campus inclusion conference.

Corbitt currently serves on the NDSU Gender and Sexual Diversity Advisory Board and the N.D. Department of Health LGBTQ+ Advisory Board. In 2017, she founded a nonprofit organization which funds, an online transition support project she began in 2013. For questions, contact Annette Mennem, MSU Diversity Council co-chair, at or 858-3112.


Published: 02/22/17

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