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Underwood High School wins Tech Day again

Underwood High School, which received the most points for placements in all competitions, won the Sweepstakes Team Traveling Trophy for the seventh year during the Department of Business Information Technology’s 17th annual Technology Day. Other participating high schools included Berthold, Bowbells, Des Lacs-Burlington, Kenmare, Max, Powers Lake, Sawyer, Stanley, TGU Granville, TGU Towner and Westhope.

The high school students competed in accounting, business communication, business law, desktop publishing, document production, business principles, spreadsheet applications and webpage design. Every school was eligible to enter one student in each of the seven individual events.     

Alyssa Ballard and Liva Rovig, business education students, and Jan Repnow, business teacher education assistant professor, coordinated and supervised the competition.

Winners at the event are: accounting: first place, Kaylee Kurtz, Berthold; second place, Alexis Edwards, Powers Lake; third place, Katheryn Halvorson, Stanley; business communication: first place, Nolan Beeter, Bowbells; second place Isaiah Bender, Sawyer; third place, Layton Erickson, DesLacs-Burlington; business law: first place, Logan Eckert, Powers Lake; second place, Tony Heidelberger, Underwood; third place, Austin Moen, Des Lacs-Burlington; desktop publishing: first place, Kazandra Salgado, Stanley; second place, Krista Blotske, Underwood; third place, Kyle Larson, Sawyer; document publication: first, Allison Cross, TGU-Granville; second place, McKenzie Snyder, Underwood; third place, Mason Mach, Westhope; introduction to business: first, Thomas Heidelberger, Underwood; second place, John Opland, Des Lacs-Burlington; third place, Preston Miller, Sawyer; spreadsheet: first place, Travis Dean, Stanley; second place, Eden Johannes, Underwood; third place, Sydney Pabian, Berthold; presentation software: first place, Jasmin Johnson, Berthold; second place, Lindsey Duben, Underwood; third place, Nina Smith, Stanley; and Sweepstakes team award: Underwood.

Published: 12/16/14

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