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15th Annual KMSU Auction: A Success for Students

The Minot State University broadcasting program's 15th annual auction successfully raised $14,450. This unique Dec. 5 fundraising event was organized, produced and promoted entirely by MSU students with guidance from Audra Myerchin, assistant broadcasting professor, Neil Roberts, associate communication arts professor, and Janna McKechnie and Candace Brekke, broadcasting advisors.

"The biggest challenge is always time," Myerchin confessed. "We work with students who have little or no experience with event planning, teach them the fundamentals and then watch them put it into practice in only a short 16 weeks. I am very proud of their work. Seeing the students shine is really a highlight for me, and I am very grateful to such a supportive community who helped them realize their goals."

The KMSU Auction promotes local businesses through various media in exchange for donations which are collected by students. The donations are then organized into packages which are auctioned off on live television in a QVC-style format. Viewers call in to place bids on-air during an allotted time with the highest bid winning the package.

"About 60 packages were assembled from over 175 donations that were collected by students," McKechnie said. "Some of the biggest draws this year were packages containing a YMCA membership, MSU tuition waiver, golf clubs from Scheels and an amazing timeshare in Mexico. These items auctioned off at nearly 80 percent of their value. While that's great for fundraising, the really wonderful part is the learning experience for the students. The event really gives them a hands-on opportunity to something very involved — this is real life! This is what they could be doing someday."

Ten percent of funds raised are donated to a charitable cause selected by students. This year that amount was presented to Mike Bunce to help defray medical expenses associated with his cancer treatment. Bunce, an MSU broadcasting graduate, works within the department in addition to his full-time roles at WGO and The Zoo radio stations.

"Mike's dedication and hard work within the department and his connection with the students really strengthens our commitment to him in his fight with cancer," Myerchin said. "He really makes an impact in their lives, and they really wanted to do something to make a difference for him."

For questions, contact McKechnie at, Myerchin at, or Brekke at

Published: 01/07/14

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