Faculties of Fine Art

Faculties of Fine Arts: Works from the Collection
June 29 through July 29, 2021
Walter Piehl Jr. Gallery
Northwest Arts Center
Minot State University
Minot, North Dakota


Featuring 55 works in a variety of media from the Minot State University permanent art collection, ‘Faculties of Fine Arts’ celebrates the contribution of higher education faculty in the fine arts. The exhibition highlights artworks acquired from the Northwest Arts Center’s annual juried exhibitions, generous gifts and donations, or through collaborations with Minot State University’s Flat Tail Press.

Artworks in the exhibition are by a wide range of teaching artists from many institutions across North America, including Art Werger, Fritz Scholder, David Driesbach, Lynwood Kreneck, Evan Lindquist, Linda Whitney, Kim Fink, Aaron Coleman, Valerie Escobedo, Neil Jussila, Jackie McElroy, John Kaericher, Kent Kapplinger and many more.

The Northwest Arts Center is home to over 1,300 international, national and regional works of art with a particular strength in contemporary works on paper. Works from the Collection exhibitions allow the Arts Center to highlight artworks from the Minot State University Collections. Juxtapositions of different styles, subjects and mediums allow visitors to make comparisons and understand artworks in new and exciting ways.

Linked by the common thread of education, the works in this exhibition depict a variety of subject matter, from figurative portraits to abstract landscapes, spirituality to social commentary — yet they all demonstrate an incredible passion for sharing the appreciation of art and the practice of art making with others.