Graphic Standards and Branding

To ensure Minot State University communications are consistent, accurate, and reflect the qualities and brand pillars of the University, all external Minot State University academic brochures, publications, advertisements, and similar items promoting specific academic programs, departments, or special events will necessitate a visual review by the Marketing Office prior to printing.

For new projects, clients are required to submit a Word document with the desired content, photography request(s), etc. to the Marketing Office. A project that has previously been produced will require a review prior to printing by submitting the PDF to the Marketing Office. All measures will be taken to not delay the production of materials. All printing requests (whether on campus or off campus) will require final approval by Design and Print Services.

Submit your project for visual review

To ask questions or request a project for approval, contact:

Amanda Duchsherer, Content Specialist
Marketing Office or ext. 3199 

The Graphic Standards Manual provide campus personnel guidelines to help ensure consistent application of the Minot State University identity. Projecting a unified visual identity involves more than simply creating and implementing a logo. Graphic standards provide a sound, flexible structure for using logos, color, and typography a graphic "vocabulary" unique to Minot State. By consistently following Minot State graphic standards, Minot State's visual identity will become established and recognized. Failure to properly use these elements reduces our ability to effectively communicate with the university's many audiences, and diminishes the identity's value.

Graphic Standards Manual [pdf]
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President's Staff and University Cabinet have designated the Office of Design and Print Services as being responsible for ensuring the correct use and integrity of the standards on all university publications and other materials, whether produced by the university or by an outside agency. This manual is intended to provide a set of basic guidelines for the implementation of the marks that represent the university in its communications, but of course it cannot cover all possible situations and applications. If you have questions concerning use of this manual or the implementation of the logos and marks described within, please contact Doreen Wald (6-3499,

This policy also includes all forms of advertising and promotional items. The Office of Design and Print Services will create the ads and the artwork for promotional pieces if so asked. If an off-campus entity creates these pieces, the Design and Print Services office must approve them to ensure the graphic standards are followed.

Regardless of where it is to be printed, ALL publications and print materials must be submitted to Design and Print Services for approval prior to being produced.

Materials, which must adhere to this policy, include:

  • Any printed material that promotes specific programs, departments, activities, or special events at Minot State University. Note: While responsibility for originating and funding these materials rests with the academic unit, PDS must approve these publications before they are printed. Materials include:
  • forms, invoices, and order blanks
  • especially those which will be sent off campus in the conduct of university business
  • surveys, polls, questionnaires, or any material distributed with the express purpose of gathering information about perceptions of Minot State
  • any form of print advertising, regardless of circumstance
  • merchandise/promotional items to be sold or given away, such as coffee mugs, pens, t-shirts, etc.

Exceptions to this policy include:

  • course syllabi
  • class handouts
  • internal (on-campus) communications
  • non-official communications

To ask questions or submit a project for approval, contact:

Doreen Wald, Manager
Design and Print Services 858-3499

Appropriate situations in which to use Beaver athletic logos
The University’s athletic logos are intended to be used only for purposes and situations concerning Minot State athletics. The athletic logos are not to be used by MSU departments for general public information and marketing purposes; instead, the official MSU logo is to be used.

Institutionally approved student groups who wish to use a beaver logo for their activities will be required to use either one of two approved Beaver logos. The athletic director, in coordination with the marketing executive team, will monitor usage of the athletic logos.

The goals of the University Communications Writing Style Guide is for accuracy and consistency in all publications. The University follows Associated Press style as noted below, which addresses common grammar and punctuation issues, and contains Minot State-specific information. For questions or feedback, please contact University Communications.



Minot State University is a place where curious and open-minded students take part in a highly engaged educational community that empowers them to shape the future-beginning day one.

Primary Message

Minot State University puts learning into action.


Be Seen. Be Heard. BE INSPIRED.

Be Seen. Be Heard. BELONG.

Be Seen. Be Heard. BE EMPOWERED.

Be Seen. Be Heard. BE YOU.

Supporting Messages

Students are welcomed into the community with opportunities characteristic of large universities but with the benefits of a smaller campus.

Students can choose from 100+ areas of study, many that focus on careers.

Small classes allow students and faculty to continually collaborate inside and outside the classroom.

Minot State University’s outstanding faculty measure their success on students’ success.

Facility and staff provide individualized advisement and support to help students tailor their college experiences and pursuits to their own academic and personal goals.

Minot State University creates a “home away from home.” Commitment to each individual helps students get a real sense of belonging.

Students leave Minot State University with the foundation to become lifelong learners in a rapidly changing world

Minot State University’s high-quality programs are accredited by the Higher Learning Commission with 36 majors holding discipline specific accreditations

Our academic programs incorporate real-world learning, connecting students with the professional environments they’ll strive for after graduation.

A Minot State University education takes students out of the classroom and into communities where they can learn by making an impact.

Faculty and staff help students develop skills by solving problems together.

Whether through academics, internships, practicums, service or global learning adventures, Minot State University puts students on the path towards lives and careers that will shape the world.

Minot State University helps students build a fulfilling life beyond the classroom and grow into the person they want to become.

This is a campus on the move with more than 60 student clubs and organizations. From arts to student government to community service to sports, student relish the opportunity to explore new interests.

When it’s time to kick back, students can unwind at any of the 750+ campus events each year.

Game days are big days as students share the Minot State University Beaver pride for the NCAA DII athletic teams.

Minot State University serves as the cultural hub for our entire city as we host a plethora of performances and exhibitions and thousands of visitors each year.

Minot State University is a place students soon consider home – a community in which they make lifelong connections.

With scholarships, grants and loans, Minot State University does all it can to make higher education a reality for all students.

With affordable tuition, students leave Minot State University with less debt and are free to go out and make an impact after graduation.

All Minot State University students pay in-state tuition.

Annually, Minot State University students receive an average of $6,900 in financial aid.

Freshmen receive automatic renewable four-year awards beginning fall semester 2018.

Students have many other opportunities for financial aid.