Student Stories


Hope Allen
The Honors Program has provided me with the necessary tools to excel not only in Honors, but my other classes as well. It challenges me to become the best student I can be.


Violet Azure
Being in the Honors program has helped me expand my horizons and think about my college life in a different way. I feel like I am more open to new experiences and the Honors Program gives me access to these new experiences.


Jake Heggie

Being in the Honors Program has helped build great study habits and has provided many skills through the courses I’ve taken that you don’t necessarily receive in normal classes. During the semester, each class also provides a great way for you to put what you learn into action in the real world. My favorite part of the Honors Program has to be the people. I love the Director and the rest of the professors because they build connections with students in the classroom that makes it an extremely inviting environment. The students involved in the program are also extremely inclusive and fun to be around!


Alayzia McLeod

I enjoy the various courses the Honors Program has to offer, from general classes to even a cooking class. I think the Honors Program provides students opportunities to become well-rounded in many different areas and to find ways to aid the community.