Student Stories


Melanie MacPherson
The Honors program offers a variety of opportunities that I would not have experienced had I not chosen to be part of it! I have met so many people from all different types of majors and programs that I would never have had the pleasure of meeting without the diversity of my Honors courses. I also love that the class sizes in the Honors program are on the smaller side; it definitely makes it easier to contribute to class discussions and have the time to ask any questions I may have when there is a max of 20 students in any given class! It has been an amazing program to be part of from the start!


Yasmine Mojica
I like the Honors program because it's interdisciplinary; it allows me to take classes with peers majoring in different areas, especially as an upperclassman. Because of various perspectives, discussions are much more engaging and well-rounded than a regular class in my major!


Zach Schuller
The Honors program encouraged me to consider how my continued education relates to service, critical reflection, and self-development. The exploration of these topics with other Honors students and instructors fostered appreciation for my opportunities to grow in Minot and help the community around me do the same. This perspective of gratitude continually shapes how I approach difficulties in all areas of my life.


Dillon Dyer
Honors means being in a great set of classes with like-minded individuals that take their education seriously and seek to further it beyond the traditional curriculum. Furthermore, it exposes me to people from different majors who bring in their unique skillsets that make for an enlightening class experience.


Jessica Bingham:
Being in the Honors program has been a great learning experience. Everyone in the program is so wonderfully unique and force me to look at things from different perspectives.


Bryana Christensen:
The Honors community means a great deal to me. It gives me an opportunity to showcase all of the hard work I put in for my academic achievements, civic engagement, and gives me a sense of character and confidence about myself. Being an honors student means going above and beyond my expectations as a student, and overall, person.