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Honors Program in Engagement & Scholarship (HOPES)

Student Stories


Mark Fulbright:
Honors gives me the ability to work toward my degree while simultaneously servicing the Minot community. Honors has impacted my collegiate career by widening the scope of my education, and keeping my education well-rounded. What I like about Honors is that it introduces me to a whole new group of students, outside those I know through my own major or through any other extracurricular activity.


Jennifer Poth:
I like how Honors courses teach students how to engage in discussions on tough topics.  This has helped us become better communicators, more understanding of other's points of view, and made us think critically about what we think we know.  These skills will be helpful throughout our entire lives, not just college.  I am grateful for being able to be involved in such an amazing program.


Jessica Bingham:
Being in the Honors program has been a great learning experience. Everyone in the program is so wonderfully unique and force me to look at things from different perspectives.


Bryana Christensen:
The Honors community means a great deal to me. It gives me an opportunity to showcase all of the hard work I put in for my academic achievements, civic engagement, and gives me a sense of character and confidence about myself. Being an honors student means going above and beyond my expectations as a student, and overall, person.