Mission and Goals

The Honors Program is a concentration or minor program that encourages motivated students to explore challenging and interdisciplinary curricula. Coursework emphasizes critical thinking, an interdisciplinary attitude, a broad worldview, and a commitment to serving others.

Honors Program Mission

The Honors Program in Engagement & Scholarship (HOPES) will enhance the scholarly empowerment of students and encourage active citizenship, leadership, and devotion to the common good.

Honors Program Student Learning Goals and Outcomes

Goal 1: Think critically, reflectively, and independently

     Outcome 1: Design self-created learning experiences that have clearly articulated goals

     Outcome 2: Analyze problems/situations to formulate informed opinions, conclusions, or solutions

     Outcome 3: Interpret texts from various disciplines

     Outcome 4: Conduct independent and ethical research  

 Goal 2: Exhibit a commitment to community awareness, involvement, and service

      Outcome 1: Enact solutions to real-world problems for individuals and society

      Outcome 2: Reflect on a civic effort which addresses civic responsibility and citizenship

 Goal 3: Demonstrate excellence in verbal and written communication

       Outcome 1: Present ideas logically and effectively – verbally

       Outcome 2: Present ideas logically and effectively – written

 Goal 4: Engage with diverse perspectives in order to cultivate cultural competence and an appreciation of differences

       Outcome 1: Analyze current and historical international issues and aspects of global culture

       Outcome 2: Demonstrate foreign language proficiency at an intermediate level (minor only)

       Outcome 3: Collaborate actively with diverse local and global partners

       Outcome 4: Appraise issues from multiple viewpoints