The Honors Program is proud to offer two distinctive scholarships for its participants:

The Honors Program Aspiring Scholar Award

The Honors Program Aspiring Scholar award is available to first-year students pursuing a concentration or minor in the Honors Program. This award is supported through gifts from alumni, faculty, staff, and others who understand the value of interdisciplinary education and service to others.

To be eligible, students must be in their first year at Minot State, having declared an Honors Program concentration or minor as well as completing at least one Honors Program course during the fall or spring semester. Furthermore, students must be in good academic standing respective to Honors Program GPA requirements (3.30+ cumulative GPA and 3.00+ in Honors specific courses after fall semester).

Application Deadline: February 15, along with the general scholarship application

The Philip and Barbara Fallis Scholarship

The Philip and Barbara Fallis Scholarship is available to Junior and Senior Honors Program students who are working toward a four-year degree. Potential recipients must also be an active member of the Honors Society and have a cumulative GPA of 3.3+. This scholarship is supported through an endowment established by relatives and friends of Philip and Barbara Fallis.

Eligible recipients are selected by the Director of the Honors Program, the President and Vice President of Honors Society, and three graduating seniors.