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Honors Program in Engagement & Scholarship (HOPES)

Letter of Recommendation for Admission to the Honors Program

Two letters of recommendation are required for applicants currently not meeting standard GPA or ACT admission criteria for the Minot State University Honors Program. Each letter should be from an individual familiar with the candidate's academic record and who is able to comment on their qualifications for the Honors Program.

The Honors Program students and faculty would appreciate a frank judgment concerning this applicant's qualifications and potential for honors study. This form should be submitted at your earliest convenience. Please do not return to the applicant.

Please rate the candidate on the following items in accordance with the rating scale shown below and in relation to honors study.

Rating Scale
1 - Low: not suitable for honors program
2 - Below average: doubtful honors ability
3 - Average: may be able to function in honors program with help
4 - Above average: could function in the honors Program with proper application
5 - Excellent: no question of abilities

Reference's Information
You may be contacted briefly.