Funding Request to Support Diversity Initiatives

Requests for financial support can be submitted to the MSU Diversity Council to help cover the cost of performance, present a program, promote or market activity, celebrate a multicultural holiday, etc. Proposals are continuously sought and are welcome for submission at any time of the year. In order to be eligible for funding from the Diversity Council, the activity must meet the following criteria. The activity:

  1. Must take place on the MSU campus.
  2. Must be open to all MSU students.
  3. Clearly contributes to a diverse and inclusive campus climate.
  4. It cannot be solely funded by the Diversity Council.

Approval Process
To request financial support, complete a Diversity Council Funding Request Form and submit it online. Funding requests must be submitted at least two months prior to the date of the activity. Funding is competitive, so please be aware that not every request can be fulfilled.  After you submit online, please send a confirmation email with the name of the event" to:   

Sayeed Sajal, Diversity Council Chair
(701) 858-3075

Note: Without sending the confirmation email, the submission is not considered "Official" and the "Funding Request" won't be considered.

All proposals will be reviewed by the Diversity Council in every first Monday of each month. If additional information is required in order for a decision, you will be informed as expeditiously as possible.

If your funding request is approved, all MSU Business Office policies regarding reimbursement and payments must be followed (for example: make sure to save all receipts, purchases must be tax-exempt and you must keep a written record of all attendees at the event). Consult with the Diversity Council Co-Chairs for additional instructions.

Individuals or groups who receive financial support from the Diversity Council must share photos or a written summary of the activity which will be featured here on the Diversity Council website and the Diversity Council facebook page.

Thank you for your interest in promoting diversity and inclusion on the Minot State University campus!




Page last updated:  Aug. 22, 2019 (ah)