Stand Up 101: From Allyship to Action

Beavers are already allies; now it's our time to work together to move from allyship to action!

Join this year-long campus initiative to stand up to hate by completing the easy tasks listed below. All Minot State students, staff, and faculty are invited to participate. 

Upon completion of all of the three activities you will earn: 

  • a printed MSU Diversity Council's allyship award certificate (great to include with your resume!)
  • a "Stand Up to Hate" vinyl sticker to display
  • the knowledge and skills to fight harassment and hate on our campus and in our community

1) Support
Throughout the 2021—2022 academic year attend at least two campus events that promote inclusivity and diversity. All events listed on the Diversity Council events page qualify.  

2) Get trained with Hollaback!
Hollaback! is an organization that offers bystander intervention training with the mission to end harassment in all its forms. Their sessions provide you with skills to identify, prevent, and intervene safely in instances of harassment. Minot State and Hollaback! are partnering to provide online training sessions beginning February 2022, customized specifically for our campus community. Learn about and link to Hollaback! trainings here!

3) Submit
Provide information about your participation in the Hollaback! Training and the two other events you attended to the Diversity Council through our quick ONLINE FORM

4) Stand up

You are now empowered to stand up to hate! Use the tools and awareness you gained through this initiative to contribute to a safe and inclusive campus environment. 

Stand Up 101: Do Your Part to Keep Minot State a Hate-Free Zone

Stand Up to Hate

Do you have concerns about discrimination or incidents of racism on our campus? Click on the anti-bias button located on the top left of this page to connect to the Student Complaint and Anti-Discrimination Forms. Information that you submit will be sent to the Vice President of Student Affairs, who will make sure your concern is addressed by the appropriate campus department.