Council Members

Interested faculty, staff, and students are welcome to join the Diversity Council. The MSU Diversity Council seeks membership from all colleges as well as from all areas of staff and student life. Membership also includes the current NDUS Diversity Council representative. Officers include a Chair, Vice-chair, Treasurer, and Secretary. The chair is appointed by the university president and the latter three are elected by the Diversity Council on an annual basis.

Name Department Officer Phone
Sayeed Sajal Assistant Professor - Computer Science Chair 858-3075
Annette Mennem NA Center Director 858-3365
Evelyn Klimpel Coordinator of Access Services Treasurer 858-3371
Libby Claerbout International Programs Director   858-4155
Rebecca Daigneault NDCPD Research Associate   858-3469
Rahul Gomes Assistant Professor - Computer Science 858-3863
Ann Beste-Guldborg Chair/Associate Professor - Comm. Disorders    858-3046
Teasha Jackson Assistant Professor - Teacher Education & Kinesiology   858-3896
Harry Hoffman Associate Professor - Sociology 858-3284
Mark Singer Assistant Professor- History 858-3134
Diana Andereson  Assistant Professor- Music 858-3403
Janel Bortoluzzi Student Re-presentative  858-3090
Jorden Laducer NDCPD Research Associate 233-1737
Jermaine Rolle Associate Director of Athletics 858-3040
Marc Wachtfogel Director, Human Resources 858-4610
Debra Wentz Exec Assistant President's Office 858-3300