Cancelling/Withdrawing from MSU

Important information concerning cancelling/withdrawing from Minot State
If you have enrolled at Minot State University and wish to cancel all of your classes/withdraw from school, you must visit Withdrawal Procedures and complete the online Withdrawal Form to process your request.  Withdrawing from all classes for a semester must be done through the Financial Aid Office since the CampusConnection portal will allow you to cancel all but your last class.  The withdrawal refund will only be calculated on that last class rather than all of the classes if the withdrawal procedure is not followed. 

Any student who officially withdraws from all classes from Minot State University shall receive a refund of tuition and fees according to the schedule below.  Tuition and fees shall be refunded based on a percentage of completed class days within the term for each class.

% of completed class days Refund %
0 - 8.999% 100%
9.0% - 34.999% 75%
35.0% - 59.999% 50%
60.0% - 100% 0%