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Financial Aid Office

Withdrawal Procedure:

Students who find it necessary to completely terminate enrollment at the University must complete a Withdrawal Form.

NOTE:  Students are not able to withdraw once final exams have begun. 

If you received loans while attending Minot State University through the Federal Stafford, Federal Perkins, and/or Nursing Student Loan Program, you are required to complete a loan exit counseling. This must be done upon graduation, withdrawal from school, or dropping below half time.

The purpose of exit counseling is to review your rights and responsibilities, provide information about repayment options, cancellation provisions, and answer any questions that you might have concerning the repayment of your loans.

You can complete your loan exit counseling online with Mapping Your Future . This takes approximately 30 minutes and the Financial Aid Office will be notified by e-mail that you have completed this requirement.

Students who withdraw from school should be aware of the MSU Return of Funds Policy and the Refund Policy.

Unofficial Withdrawal:
Students who leave school without officially withdrawing are considered to have unofficially withdrawn and the return of federal financial aid funds will be calculated using the midpoint of the term. The result means that MSU must repay 50% of institutional charges (tuition, fees, and contract room and board) to the federal Title IV financial aid programs and the student must repay this amount to MSU. The penalties for unofficially withdrawing are: failed grades (F's) being posted on the student‘s record, holds on all academic transcripts, inability to enroll in subsequent terms, and the loss of federal financial aid eligibility.