Assignment of Academic Advisors

Whether students are planning on enrolling in online courses, have yet to decide on a major, would like to take classes at an off-campus location, or have a major declared they will have an assigned academic advisor to work with throughout their educational journey here at Minot State University. Students can view their academic advisors by logging in to Campus Connection. Once logged in, students should click on their Student Center where they can view their academic advisor’s name and contact information on the right side of the screen. Students can obtain their advisor’s e-mail address by clicking on the details link. If no advisor is listed in Campus Connection, it is important for students to contact the main office of their intended field of study. If students wish to change their academic advisor at any time, they can contact the Administrative Assistant within their academic department for further assistance.

The following information will provide students with an idea of who is assigned as their academic advisor based on their student classification.

College of Arts & Sciences - Students who have a declared major within the College of Arts & Sciences are assigned faculty advisors within their intended major.

College of Business - Students who are pursuing a degree within the College of Business are assigned to a Professional Staff Advisor for assistance with course scheduling and information pertaining to program requirements. Students are also assigned to faculty within their intended major to visit about career possibilities, including internships and full-time employment opportunities upon graduation.

College of Education & Health Sciences - Faculty advisors are assigned to students who are pursuing a major within the College of Education & Health Sciences.

General Studies Majors & Undeclared Students - Those students who have elected to obtain a General Studies degree & those who are undeclared will be assigned to work with a Professional Staff Advisor in the Center for Engaged Teaching & Learning (Old Main, Room 101).

Honors Program - Students who wish to participate in the Honors Program will work with the Honors Program Advisor for course placement into required courses for the Honors Program.

International Students - International students are assigned academic advisors within their intended field of study; however, they will also work closely with staff in the Office of International Programs.

MSU at Minot Air Force Base - Students attending classes at the Minot Air Force Base (MAFB) are assigned to an academic advisor within their intended field of study. For more information about classes offered at the MAFB and specific enrollment information, students can contact MSU's MAFB Education Center Coordinator.

MSU in Bismarck - Students enrolled in MSU classes on the Bismarck State College (BSC) campus are assigned to various academic advisors, depending on their field of study.

Online Students - Students who are planning on pursuing a degree online will work with an advisor specific to their online degree program:

Student Athletes - Student athletes are assigned to work with an academic advisor within their intended field of study. Student athletes will also work closely with the Assistant Athletic Director for Compliance and Student Life.

Transfer Students - Students who are transferring to MSU will be assigned to an academic advisor within their planned field of study. It is very important students work closely with their advisor to determine how courses transfer to Minot State.