Academic Advising Council

The Academic Advising Council continues efforts of reviewing academic advising services and making recommendations to enhance academic advising at MSU.  Membership includes broad representation of faculty, staff and students from a variety of disciplines across the campus. The council is an Institutional Committee in which members serve 3 year terms and are appointed by the Vice President for Academic Affairs.

College of Arts and Science
David Rolandson, Music (20)
Christopher Keller, Biology (19)
Scott Kast, Mathematics and Computer Science (21)

College of Business
Jan Repnow, Business Information Technology (21)
James Ondracek, Business Administration (19)

College of Education and Health Sciences
Kathy Hintz, Teacher Education and Kinesiology (19)
Amy Roberts, Nursing (20) (co-chair)
Leisa Harmon, Communication Disorders (21)

Professional Staff Advisors/Others
Erik Kana, Assistant Vice President for Academic Affairs
Heather Martin, CETL, Advising Coordinator (co-chair)
Eileen Solberg, COB, Professional Staff Advisor

Three Student Representatives appointed by Student Government Association.