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Registrar's Office

Transfer Student Information

This page is currently being updated. Some of the information may be outdated.

Transfer Equivalencies
Course equivalencies that are approved by the departments are only valid for five years from the date listed on the site. Once the five years has passed the equivalencies will be taken off the list and will need to be evaluated again. If the course is a common course number with the NDUS Universities/Colleges an equivalency form is not needed. If the student has taken the course 5 years prior to the equivalency being completed the student would need to talk to the department for approval.

North Dakota Institutions

Military Institutions

ND Tribal Institutions

US Institutions: A, C, D, F, G, H, I, K, L, M, N, O, P-R, S, T, U-V, W

International Institutions

Transfer Articulation Agreements [pdf]

Transfer Credit Guidelines
MSU accepts and transcribes all credits from regionally accredited institutions, and, credits on a course by course basis from nationally accredited institutions. Below is a breakdown of how courses have been approved and how courses will be reviewed.

Courses are accepted in transfer in a combination of four ways.

Please refer to the section on reviewing your transfer credit report for additional details regarding how these will be coded on your record. Refer to the challenge procedures below if you would to challenge how a course was accepted.

Once a course is approved as equivalent by a department, its equivalency is guaranteed for four years from when the course was approved and taken.

Note: Military credits are reviewed based on ACE (American Council on Education) guidelines.

Other Credit Options
A list of CLEP and AP credits that are accepted can be found at the following websites:

Limitations on Transcript Credit

Request an Unofficial Transfer Credit Evaluation
Student thinking about attending MSU may request an unofficial transfer review. The request will be held for 30 days until an unofficial transcript is received by mail, fax or email to the Registrarís Office or

Transfer Credit Summary Report
Transfer credits are evaluated approximately two to three weeks upon receipt on an official transcript. An evaluation of courses and MSU equivalents are available for your review in CampusConnection > Transfer Credit > View Transfer Credit Report.

Completing General Education through Transfer
Your general education requirements will be considered met if you meet one of the following:

Transfer Credit Challenge Procedures

Course Substitution
When a student petitions to substitute a different course (transferred or not) in lieu of a required course to complete his/her degree. Substitutions are issued by the academic department on a case by case basis and are only good for the current student requesting the substitution(s). Course substitution forms are received by and maintained as a part of the students file in their academic department. Course Substitution Form [pdf]

Course Equivalency
When a student transfers in a course from another college or university and wants that course to be equal to one that Minot State offers. Once the transferring course has a Minot State equivalency assigned to it by either bringing in a course description or course syllabus to the corresponding department, this course will then be equivalent for other students coming from the same college or university. Course equivalency forms are processed and maintained by the Registrarís Office. Course Equivalency Form [pdf]