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Registrar's Office


Application for Graduation [pdf]

Application for Non-Degree to Degree Seeking [pdf]

Application for Re-Admission

Change of Address Information

Consent to Release Information Form [pdf]

Course Equivalency Form [pdf]

Course Substitution Form [pdf]

Diploma Reorder Form [pdf]

Final Application for a Certificate [pdf]

Grade Appeals Form [pdf]

High School Transcript Request [pdf]

Immunization Record & Waiver Request

Late Course Drop Request [pdf]

Legal Name Change Request Form [pdf]

Major / Minor Change Form

ND/MN Reciprocity Application

Non-Degree Seeking Students Form

Overload Approval [pdf]

Petition to Add [pdf]

Student Rights to Privacy [pdf]

Transcript Request Form

Verification of Enrollment Form

Withdrawal Procedures / Form

Collaborative Student Enrollment Form
For Collaborative students to file after receiving approval from degree seeking campus.
Collaborative Contact: Jolina Miller
1-800-777-0750 ext 3218