Exemption Guidelines

Printable pdf documents
Common Terms and Definitions
Protocol Extension and Revision

Models of Informed Consent 

Instructions for Use: 
       1. Remove the introductory italicized paragraphs—this information is for the researcher’s information only.
       2. Replace any italicized information with your study information.
       3. Remove the footer (again, this is only for internal IRB use).

Exempt Waived Signature

The following forms are fillable. You must download and save the forms before you are able to fill them in. Please submit forms electronically to

IRB Exempt Status Review Form [pdf]  (most protocol fits within this category since the Final Rule update)
IRB Exempt Status Review Form [word document] (use this form if the pdf version does not work and submit it electronically to the IRB Chair)
IRB Expedited and Full Board Protocol Approval Application

Expedited & Full Board Checklist for IRB Reviewers