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Institutional Review Board

Review Categories

1. Exempt from Federal Regulation
Research activities involving human subjects in which there is minimal or no risk and in which the only involvement of human subjects would be in one of the categories described in the IRB Exempt Guidelines document found on the forms page of this website may be considered by the IRB Office to be exempt from Federal regulation. If the research meets the qualifications of Exempt Status, researchers need to submit the IRB Exempt Screening Form found on the forms page of this website.  Projects that qualify for exempt status must, however, receive formal IRB certification of such exempt status. This certification serves as an assurance that the project 1) qualifies for exempt status in accordance with federal regulations, and 2) is designed to ensure that the rights and welfare of human subjects are protected.  If you know the research does not meet the qualification for Exempt Status please submit the full IRB Application Form found on the forms page of this website.

2. Expedited Review
Research activities involving no more than minimal risk and does not meet Exempt Status will be scheduled for expedited review. Research will submit the full IRB Application Form for Expedited Review.  In this procedure, three members of the IRB review the project and vote for Approval, Conditional Approval - pending modifications, or disapproval. If two out of three reviewers vote disapproval, the project must go to the full board for review.

3. Full Board Review
All projects involving human subjects that do not qualify for exempt or expedited review will be reviewed by the full IRB Committee at an official meeting. After submission of an IRB Application, the IRB chairperson can determine that the research requires Full Board consideration at an IRB Committee meeting.  The researcher is informed that the project will be reviewed at the next scheduled IRB meeting and provided the date and time. The researcher will be invited to attend this meeting to answer any questions the board may have regarding the project.